Running: a chore or a pleasure?

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The other day I uploaded a post before going to bed on Instagram, stating that I absolutely didn’t felt like running that day, but in the end had gone anyway. I got some surprising comments afterwards that caught my attention. One of them was: ‘Seems like you force yourself to run… Like I mean is it that big of a deal if you don’t run? Sometimes your posts make it seem like a chore

The readers ‘argument’ made me think. Is running a chore? A chore is literally defined as ‘ a daily or routine domestic tasks, often seen hard or unpleasant’. If you look at it that way, running could, in fact, be considered as being a chore.

From the above mentioned perspective you could indeed see running as being an unpleasant task. But isn’t that what makes running in general so attractive? Running isn’t just some activity you happen to do every once in a while. No, running makes you a runner. It is a lifestyle. What if you look at it not being only a chore, but also a pleasure?

I fell in love with running ages ago. But that doesn’t mean I love every single run: it’s a journey, and some runs are better than others. One run I feel like the queen of running while the next run I can feel like a lost chicken running around while trying to catch breath. Pleasure vs. non-pleasure.

Then why go when feeling like not going? To some it might seem strange to make such a decision, but once you’re a runner you will understand exactly what I’m talking about. It’s the amazing feeling afterwards that keeps you going. The feeling of victory, the sweat, the soreness, the adrenaline racing through your body.. and then there are the endorphins. the sweet little hormones always seem to appear after a run. No matter how far you went or how fast you were, they will always be there for you. These cute hormones are not only very healthy for you and your body, they make you happy, boost your self-esteem and will make you love the running even more! It’s all worth the tears and sweat in the end. Guaranteed!

And that, my dear reader, is one of the countless reasons why you should push yourself to go outside, even when you might not feel like it. You make a habit out of it, and if you want results you’ll have to force yourself to run. Compare it to doing homework. It has to be done in order to obtain the best results!

Conclusion: yes, running can be a chore, but oh man, the amazing feeling afterwards absolutely wins.


What is your view on running? A chore or a pleasure?