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Crispy wrap with beet hummus and fried egg

Wraps are a tasty, easy and welcomed alternative to bread, salads and more. And if you fill them with hummus you are in for a tiny, but awesome lunch party.

Pimp your rice cakes: 6 delicious toppings

Let’s be honest: by themselves, unflavored rice cakes aren’t that exciting. However, they have some great qualities: They are gluten-free They are vegan There are only 25 calories in a rice cake The

Vegetarian stir fry with an insane amount of veggies

I always find it really odd when people say that they find it difficult to cook. I mean, it’s not like it’s rocket science or anything? Of course there are

Tropical mango & coconut pancakes

Eat breakfast like a queen, lunch like a princess, and dinner like a pauper. Truer words have never been spoken. We ♥ a healthy breakfast and we most definitely love these

Recipe: a Fruitilicious Green Tea Smoothie

In my last ‘Happy foods’ article I asked I told you about how of all drinks, green tea is probably my favourite drink. I love drinking it either hot or

Happy foods – part 6

This is the last part of the happy food series! If you haven’t read the other parts I suggest you do because these foods can make you a lot happier if

White Bean Salad with Peas and Mint

Do you have a busy week coming up? This is the perfect recipe: very easy to make and supertasty! And you can find all the ingredients in every supermarket. White

5 protein powered recipes

Protein has long been a key factor in maintaining a healthy weight and diet but it’s one nutrient that many people, especially women, don’t eat enough of. Don’t be fooled,

Anne’s Kitchen Stories on Video: Broad Bean Salad

Broad Bean Salad with Chickpea and Beetroot Sprouts I love bean salads! They are so easy to make and delicious, plus they keep you going for a long time. The

Banana Bread with Mango & Blueberries  

One of my all time favourite things to bake is banana bread. It’s easy, super tasty and everyone loves it. This one is by far my best ever made. If

Anne’s Kitchen Stories – Lentil Salad

This is a great lunch salad, a bit more festive than any average lunch and it’s so filling and delicious. I especially love it as on-the-go lunch, it’s easy to

In Love With Health, how it all started…

When I couldn’t get myself of the couch once again, I decided to change my life completely! I was done with my lazy and lifeless lifestyle of hardly doing any

Pancake recipe

Studentenvoer posted a really nice recipe on Dutchfitnesscommunity that we just had to share! It’s a pancake recipe and who doesn’t like pancakes?! Even more interesting is the fact that these

The Great Humus Guide

I am just crazy about humus. I spread it on top of (almost) everything: home made pizza, bread, rice cakes etc. It’s also a very suitable and delish dip for

Gluten and wheat free, vegan bread

So, Julie from food blog Hapjesprinces contacted me, because she has the most delicious recipe for gluten and wheat free, vegan bread and she wants to share it with the Fitgirlcode community. Us

The Truth about Veganism

With the “health revolution” that’s going on right now, a vegan diet seems to become more and more popular. There are lots of vegan recipes out there and celebrities like

Avocado Facial Mask

So I would consider myself a avocado lover. I can eat it every day, and I’m dead serious when i say EVERY day. I can have it on my bread,

Filled bell pepper recipe

Studentenvoer has another amazing recipe for you! This time a super delicious filled bell pepper recipe. You could make it for lunch, but also for dinner – it’s completely up to

Lunch Fitgirlcode style

 Growing up in The Netherlands where lunch just comes down to a sandwich, I sometimes have a hard time making a lunch that does not consist of only 2 slices of

Strength training for women

I used to sweat over every piece of cardio equipment in the gym. Beside the fact that this is all but an inspiring sport activity, it didn’t give me the
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