In Love With Health, how it all started...

Fit & Training door lisa FG

When I couldn’t get myself of the couch once again, I decided to change my life completely! I was done with my lazy and lifeless lifestyle of hardly doing any work outs (terrible...I know) and eating whatever passed me by all day long. I learned the hard way: it’s easier saying this than actually doing it.

Unfortunately, it took a lot of effort. When my boyfriend made one of his delicious pasta recipes with cream sauce and was eating it with so much joy on his face, I was kind of bummed out that I had to eat my salad with chicken. It honestly took me a lot of effort to not eat his food! But only after 1 month, this healthy life has turned into my lifestyle without a lot of struggles. That pasta with creamy sauce doesn’t hurt me anymore and that bag of fries? Nah.. Just give me my Quinoa salad or a delicious vegetable/fruit smoothie. (Allright, I’m not completely honest right now, I still eat chocolate cake or a nice sandwich with Nutella! Ssst..)

The most important changes when I changed my lifestyle were that I got healthier, fitter and was full of energy! A glorious feeling!  In the past, I’ve been avoiding gyms for so many years, but I now find it wonderful to work out three or four times a week. Who would’ve ever thought that I would do this?! Another plus is that I not only changed on the inside, but also on the outside (Read: the days of love-handles are as good as over).

How did In love with health come to life?

When I decided to change my way of life I was looking for a lot of information and solutions on how to do this. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find that much about the cleaneating method that does not entail sugar and artificial ingredients. I then decided to educate myself by doing research on the internet.

Eventually, I found the perfect balance in my new and healthy lifestyle. My wishes came true (slimmer, healthier and full of energy). In the meantime I already got a lot of questions from my surroundings and I loved to inspire and support them with my healthy lifestyle. I chose a study to be a health coach.

After almost six months, In love with health has become a well-known concept in the Netherlands and abroad. In the meantime, I’ve helped numerous clients to achieve a healthier, fitter and slimmer body, wrote two books and launched a webshop.

It’s my goal to inspire and to help people to achieve their goals and dreams with In love with health. Do you want to get fit just like me and create a positive feeling? Do you want to lose some pounds or just be more fit? Then you should stop with all of those weird diets and shakes. Change your lifestyle! Get back that healthy balance in your life and realize how real food tastes!

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