Why too much is never a good idea

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I'd be the first one to encourage you to keep up a healthy lifestyle. Really, fruit is oh-so good for you, exercising makes you happy and I'm proud of you for taking nuts as a snack instead of potato chips. But there's a limit to everything - too much is never a good idea, of anything. There's no such thing as too healthy, but there can be too much fruit, too much exercising and too much nuts.  

Ever since I read this article from Jelmer de Boer (sorry international Fit Girls, it's in Dutch) I have been thinking about writing this blog. Jelmer argues that it's ridiculous that people put 14 different kinds of fruit in their oatmeal in the morning and wants us to sober up our bowl of oatmeal. And to be honest, I kinda agree. Of course you should do with your oatmeal what you want, but sometimes I feel it's just getting out of hand. Now, we offer you a lot of inspiration with our blogs to vary your oatmeal, but too much of anything is never good!

We all know that avocado's are small pieces of heaven sent to us from above, and I delight in them regularly, but that doesn't mean I should eat them all day long. Yes, they are healthy, but too much of it leads you to take in too much fat through your food. The same goes for nuts; I love to eat a handful of almonds every once in a while, but them being healthy doesn't give me a free pass to snack on them all day long. In 50g of almonds, there are 300 calories, 10g of protein, 5g carbs, and 26g of fatties. Are they healthy? Hell yeah! But that doesn't mean you can eat a limitless amount of them and still expect to be healthy or lose weight.

Anna already mentioned in her article that too much exercising isn't good as well. Your body needs some time to repair and needs the rest, instead of continuous exercising. Too much of it will only strain your muscles and result in injuries. My point is: too much of anything is never a good idea. So, lovely Fit Girls, add some variation to your life and food! You're on the right track eating so healthy and exercising regularly, but don't forget to spice up your routine every once in a while. I'm sure you can think of a better healthy snack than all those nuts and apples every day ;) And if you do have any tips, be sure to share them with us too. We're always learning!