Music your heart out! Why music helps you in your work out

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Working out all by yourself can sometimes be a little frustrating and boring. However, there can be a solution for this problem: music! Most of the times, good music will help you through these tough hours of working out. But why is this the case? 5 reasons why music improves your work out.

1. Distraction. When fatigue is setting in, music will distract you from this. It basically makes a work out seem more like fun and it helps the mind to make sense of symptoms of fatigue.

2. Attainment of flow. This kind of sounds difficult, but it is actually rather simple. Music can affect your motivational state by means of lyrics or timbre of the song. The lyrics of a song provide a certain narrative and this narrative has certain connotations embedded in them. This means that powerful lyrics can empower you in your work out.

3. Coordination. Your coordinating movements can improve by listening to music during your work out.

4. Work out music helps you in a self-paced exercise such as running. Recent research has found out that people who were cycling on music that matched their pace had more endurance than people who were cycling without music.

5. Music can alter your emotional and psychological state as well. Music can be used to get you started to work out or to calm down.

We can now say that music really helps you during your work out. Therefore, we are going to be posting a new playlist on Spotify every month. So keep your eye out and follow us on Spotify!

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