6 rules of the gym etiquette

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We've all been there, that moment when you're at the gym and you are so incredibly annoyed by some things other people do. Maybe you are the annoyed, or perhaps you are the annoyer... The point is, there is a certain set of unwritten rules that you should follow at the gym. After all, you are not the only one working your butt off there, so let's make it a little bit easier for each other! Here are 6 rules of the gym etiquette. 

1. Use deodorant

Really, use some deodorant. Of course, your sweat "is a sexy glow" and "it is your fat crying", but it doesn't smell so good. Nothing to worry about when you're by yourself, but it's not so nice to the person next to you. Deodorant won't get rid of all the odors but it masks the funkiest smells!

2. Wipe off the equipment you used

When we're still on the subject of sweating, please wipe off the equipment you used. There's nothing more disgusting than lying in someone else's sweat. Even if you don't think you sweat that much, you still leave your mark behind. And it's not that much effort to swipe that towel back and forth for 5 seconds right?

3. Don't stare!

This goes for everyone: guys to girls, girls to girls, girls to guys, guys to guys... Seriously, don't stare. It's awkward. People are there working their bodies, so if you're staring at them, they will either think you are creepy and might jump them in the locker room or that you are ridiculing them. Even if a girl is wearing only a sports bra and is exposing her tummy, she's not inviting you to stare at it. She's just warm and needs to release some heat.

4. Don't ridicule others

This might sound common sense, but in reality, I see too many #gymfails passing by on social media. Of course it can be funny when someone totally misunderstands the purpose of a machine, but they are trying and they can't do everything right the first time. To ridicule others who are new, like you once were too, is just sad. Instead, smile and go over there to help! Who knows, maybe they know a secret exercise that you don't ;)

5. Stop taking so many selfies

You're there to work out, not to take a fotoshoot. The occasional selfie is allowed (we know you have to have some material for your Instagram account), but don't overdo it. Especially not while you're still occupying a machine - someone else might be waiting for you to finish your workout so he or she can use it, so take that perfect snap somewhere else. And by the way, if you're still looking cute and adorable during your workout, you're not working hard enough.

6. Don't make eye contact with people on certain machines...

Please, please, please, avoid this intense awkwardness.

What do you think is the #1 rule of the gym etiquette?