Tips on how to declutter your home

Walking out the house you instantly noticed something. No urge to pull your shoulders up. The zip of your coat doesn’t have to go all the way up. And the knitted wool scarf is clearly too much addition to your outfit. It’s that time of the year – a great time to check or update your home inventory!

Tips on how to declutter your home for a healthy lifestyle
I love walking into my home when it’s clean, organised and clutter free. And at the same time I have come to accept the fact that these moments are rare. Our household, or should I say, our hallway is complemented with football shoes, sneakers, boots, rucksacks and little nick nacks cluttering the top of the shoe cabinets. With simple adjustments we now keep the hallway free from clutter and have surely gained a mindful home.

Make an inventory
The solution for getting organised is to start making an inventory list. Write it down in a notebook or memorise it for those who don’t need a list. Go into each room in your house and start to write everything down what you need to get, or what needs to be done in this part of your home. Prevent over-thinking when writing down, we talk budget later.


Cupboards, cabinets and drawers
Open all your cupboards, cabinets and drawers. If you keep things in boxes, open them as well. Check what’s in it and take anything out that you haven’t used the past year. If it has sentimental value and you can’t let go of it yet, then don’t. Just keep it and cherish it a little longer.

Box it up, sell it or give away
Collect all the items you no longer fit, need or use and pack them up in to boxes, crates or even bin bags. If you think your items might be of value, sell them through a sell and buy site. Take good photos and keep your advert short and simple. If people are interested they will contact you for more information.
Try to recycle when throwing things away. I know it’s easier to just chuck everything in the bin, but try to find your local waste collection and bring your items or contact local waste collectors to pick items up from your house. Or simply give stuff away to friends, colleagues and family. Plenty options for recycling.


Washing dishes, doing the laundry, hovering or mopping the floor and changing the bed sheets are things we do on a daily or weekly base. At least, I hope you do, otherwise you’re one dirty little rug rat! Now is the time to thoroughly clean your windows, bathroom mirror and kitchen tiles till they’re crisp and fresh. Being able to see yourself in it or looking through it is the best feeling ever. Don’t be ashamed of hating to do these household chores or even loving it – I’m not.

If your list states you have to purchase or update items then do so. Set yourself a budget for every item and go out and get it. Or stay in bed or couch and browse the internet for it. Check the sell and buy sites for second hand furniture and other items. People tend to get rid of their stuff after they lost interest (like yourself), but it might be the perfect solution for getting that never ending cluttered hallway organised.
If you have favourite brands for clothing, search on brand and compare prices.
Do the same for your kitchen tools, shoes, furniture, curtains, accessories, whatever you need it’s out there but keep within budget. If it means you have to save up for it, then do so. It’s really not hard to save money, it just takes some (mental) super powers!

And don’t forget to create a mindful space – where you can do whatever you feel like doing.

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Tips for a mess free life

I personally don’t like to clean. I rather do something else with my time. What I also don’t like is a messy house. Therefore we’ve come up with some awesome tips to live a mess free life. By applying these tips you can clean your house (or room) in no time!

You’ll probably recognize this scenario. You have invited some people over but you didn’t really tidy or clean your house. So when they’re almost on your doorstep you decide you have to clean your house. How are you going to do this fast?

Fast cleaning tips

  • Stash clutter in a basket or a bin that you can stow out of view for sorting later
  • Repurpose empty spaces like a mug and use it to hold office supplies
  • Make sure your floor is clean, eliminate dirt that will stick to your guests socks
  • Clean your bathroom; close your shower curtain (now you can even hide stuff behind it) and swish a little bleach in the toilet bowl
  • Rub down surfaces
  • The living room; flip stained couch cushions and fluff your pillows. Light a scented candle for a nice atmosphere and coziness
  • Focus on the stuff at eye level; your guests won’t notice a little dust somewhere underneath
  • Eliminate pet hair

Tips to keep it clean and tidy
Tackle a small project everyday
We all know what it’s like, you start tidying up your desk and 3 hours later there’s clutter everywhere. You feel defeated. How are you going to fix this? To prevent this from happening again, you can do one small project at the time. Tidy up the drawers one day and your desktop the next day. Step by step, there’s no rush.

Take your time
Like I wrote in the previous paragraph, there’s no rush. You didn’t collect all your stuff in one day so you don’t have to organize everything in one day as well.

Put every object in one of the following categories

  1. Things you want to keep that can go back to the same place.
  2. Things you don’t want to keep, but that you do want to sell or give away.
  3. Things you want to keep, but have to go to another spot.
  4. Things that are worthless, that you don’t want but you’re going to recycle.

Don’t try to make a model home
Your house doesn’t have to look perfect. Just try to keep it simple and don’t have too much trumpery around. Also try to give useful things you don’t need to charity or sell them.

Make sure you don’t buy more new stuff than you throw away
The deal with cleaning and tidying up is of course to have a nice neat home. So if you keep buying more stuff it will never be or look organized and neat. Keep superfluous stuff out of your house.

Hopefully these tips to clean will help you to get more organized. I might need to apply my own tips too right now ;-). Good luck!