The weirdest diets in the world

It is not news that people sometimes go far – too far – in order to lose weight. Only eating bananas or surviving on baby food or cabbage soup… But it can be even crazier! We searched for the weirdest diets in the world. And although we were ready to encounter really extreme and weird things, we were shocked by what we found!


Auch! In Mexico there exists a diet in which they attach a small patch to your tongue. This ensures that it is incredibly painful to have solid food in your mouth and chew it, so you have to rely on liquid food. No health risks are mentioned, but this seriously doesn’t sound right.


In (South) America it is normal to do the werewolf diet, also known as the moon diet. The theory: because your body is mostly water, and the lunar phase has effect on water, you can use this to lose weight and detoxify your body. Eh, what? Madonna and Demi Moore are apparently fan of this diet, but we’re still pretty skeptical about it. (Read: we call BS!)


Do you still remember those times when you would hear it from your mom if you would stare directly into the sun? According to the dietitians from ‘sun eating’, you should actually do that. The idea is that you skip one meal per day and stare directly into the sun for 44 minutes. This allows your body to use sunlight as its fuel. Say what now?!


How do French women get their slim figure? It might just have to do with this secret. They tie a ribbon around their waist under their clothes. Throughout the day the ribbon becomes tighter as they eat more, which is of course uncomfortable. This prevents them from overeating. A rather extreme solution, if you ask us.


Run for your life – that’s a bit how the paintball diet goes. In addition to a low calorie diet plan, you are also expected to go to a paintball stadium where 4 professional paintballers are waiting for you. An hour long run is on the schedule. Are you not running hard enough? Then you can expect a few paintball bullets to come your way. The British do know how to motivate…

What’s the weirdest diet you’ve come across? I wonder if you have any addition to this list!

Big brands are getting more health conscious

Over the past 5 years or so, I’ve noticed that there has been a shift to how I approach food. It’s most likely the environment, but I remember when I had no clue what processed foods were, or why there was an issue with eating fast food besides the ‘it’ll make you fat’ argument.

Fast forward to now, I am more knowledgeable on how a lot of the food we eat is produced, and also surrounded by a lot of health conscious people. Perhaps it’s a just a trend, or maybe a long-term shift in consumer interests, but what I do know is that it’s catching on quickly, and big brands are listening.

Health Conscious Consumers

Consumers are following all kinds of diets to ensure they are healthy or that they are being the most ethical they can be. Some people avoid gluten or dairy, while others go for vegetarian or vegan diets. For some, the danger lies in genetically modified food and artificial sweeteners, pushing them to eat as close to nature as possible. The list can really go on and on about the many ways today’s consumers are becoming more health conscious.

It seems like businesses have been noticing the trends in society, and there are shifts in what they are supplying nowadays. Restaurants have lighter options, gluten-free options and vegan friendly meals available on their menus. Groceries are labeling their foods so you see exactly what is GMO and what is produced in a non-processed way. And there are specialty organic or vegan stores and restaurants popping up everywhere catering specifically to those diets. Here are a few other solid examples of how the big brands are getting more health conscious.


The popular coffee-shop chain Starbucks have been supportive of treating animals in a humane manner since 2014 and plan to go cage-free by 2020.  They’ve also introduced coconut milk as a dairy alternative, alongside soy milk. In late 2015, representatives of the chain stated that they have started testing out different vegan (plant-based) food options to make available for customers in the near future.

Kraft Heinz

I remember always having Kraft’s Mac & Cheese in the pantry at my house growing up. I ate it a lot without putting much thought into it. But during April last year, Kraft decided to respond to the feedback from their customers, and they pledged to remove all the artificial flavors, dyes and preservatives from their macaroni and cheese. The new artificial free recipe has been on the shelves since December 2015 – and over 50 million boxes sold – yet it was only this March when the company publicly announced the change, that people noticed. This just shows that you don’t need to sacrifice taste for health; people can’t even tell the difference!


This one is a bit of a touchy subject, since we’ve already covered what happens to your body one hour after drinking a Coke. But the changes they make now, may just be another step toward a soda that doesn’t affect your body like it currently does. Back in 2014, Coca-Cola Life was launched as a soda with fewer calories and less sugar, since they blend together extracts from the stevia plant with the sugar. Coming up this April, they’ll be launching a new version of Coca-Cola Life that has even more stevia plant extract, causing it to contain 45% less sugar and fewer calories when compared to competitors.

You can’t deny the changes that are happening in the food and drink industry. Every flipped recipe or addition of new menu options, points to customers truly being the kings. People are creating unique diets that are healthier, and more ethical for themselves. Big names in the food industry have no choice but to adapt to this; ensuring that there is a wide variety of good food available to choose from. 

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These are the most popular and best diets

Every year there is a diet ranking published by US News that reveals the most popular and best diets. At #FITGIRLCODE we’re not really a fan of ‘diets’, because when you want to undergo a truly healthy transformation it’s best to choose a healthy lifestyle where you eat consciously and exercise regularly. But if you still want to go for a diet: choose a diet that is healthy and where you eat enough. Are you curious to know what are the most popular and best diets? Well, continue reading because you are about to find out!

Best diets for overall health

1. DASH diet. The aim of this diet is to prevent, and lower, high blood pressure. The idea is simple: Eat more protein, fibres, vegetables and fruit. And eat as little fatty food as possible. You also need to watch your carb and salt intake. This programme is quite pricey and it can be hard to follow if you already have trouble eating healthy.

2. TLC diet. This diet has the aim to lower your cholesterol. It claims to lower your bad cholesterol level by 8-10% within 6 weeks. In order to reach this you will need to lower your saturated fat intake. You also need to eat quite some amount of fibre. In order to succeed with this diet you will need to watch the nutritional values of all food. This can be quite a pain in the ass.

3. Mind diet. The goal of this diet is to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. The emphasis is on eating a lot of healthy food like berries, green vegetables, fruit, fish and nuts. And importantly, avoid these foods: red meat, fried food, butter, cheese and candy.

Best diets for losing weight

1. Weight Watchers. This diet will probably sound familiar to all of you. Following this programme could lead to you losing 2 pounds a week. The emphasis lies on eating food which is good for you and not only counting calories. Weight Watchers works Smartpoints. With the help of these points you can find out how much you can eat a day. You also get support from a lot of people who have already lost weight with this programme. This means you don’t have to do it all by yourself. A con of this diet is that it’s quite pricey and the Smartpoint system won’t be fun for everyone.

2. HMR programme. The goal of this diet is losing pounds by eating less calories. In order to do so, some meals are replaced by shakes, nutrition bars and hot cereal. The emphasis lies on eating a lot of fruit and vegetables. With this programme you will learn a lot about a healthy lifestyle and being active.

3. The Biggest Loser Diet. You probably already know this diet because of its successful TV show of the same name. Their theory is simple: We eat too unhealthy and this could absolutely be improved. You should eat regular, filling meals and start to be more active. There are quite some books available about this diet. It also has a 30 day bootcamp programme which gives you numerous workout videos, which you can follow at home. There are even Biggest Loser resorts in America. There you can rent accommodation which will cost you over 2000 dollars for one week. During your time at the resort you’ll cut the pounds with the help of dietitians and personal coaches.

Here you will find a full description of the most popular and best diets. I love the fact that the diets that rank highest are actually healthy diets. Crash diets might be popular, but they are absolutely not healthy. Changing your lifestyle by making it more healthy, one step at a time, will always be a healthier choice. And of course this is a lot easier to stick to.

As you will probably know there isn’t one ‘perfect diet’. Everyone has their own preferences. One diet might work for one person while it won’t do anything for somebody else. Some people don’t even want to follow a diet at all. The most important thing is to find a healthy lifestyle that works for you. Unfortunately it can take quite a while to find that perfect formula.

Do you have a diet that has changed your life for the better? Please let us know in the comments!