The weirdest diets in the world

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It is not news that people sometimes go far – too far – in order to lose weight. Only eating bananas or surviving on baby food or cabbage soup... But it can be even crazier! We searched for the weirdest diets in the world. And although we were ready to encounter really extreme and weird things, we were shocked by what we found!


Auch! In Mexico there exists a diet in which they attach a small patch to your tongue. This ensures that it is incredibly painful to have solid food in your mouth and chew it, so you have to rely on liquid food. No health risks are mentioned, but this seriously doesn't sound right.


In (South) America it is normal to do the werewolf diet, also known as the moon diet. The theory: because your body is mostly water, and the lunar phase has effect on water, you can use this to lose weight and detoxify your body. Eh, what? Madonna and Demi Moore are apparently fan of this diet, but we’re still pretty skeptical about it. (Read: we call BS!)


Do you still remember those times when you would hear it from your mom if you would stare directly into the sun? According to the dietitians from ‘sun eating’, you should actually do that. The idea is that you skip one meal per day and stare directly into the sun for 44 minutes. This allows your body to use sunlight as its fuel. Say what now?!


How do French women get their slim figure? It might just have to do with this secret. They tie a ribbon around their waist under their clothes. Throughout the day the ribbon becomes tighter as they eat more, which is of course uncomfortable. This prevents them from overeating. A rather extreme solution, if you ask us.


Run for your life – that’s a bit how the paintball diet goes. In addition to a low calorie diet plan, you are also expected to go to a paintball stadium where 4 professional paintballers are waiting for you. An hour long run is on the schedule. Are you not running hard enough? Then you can expect a few paintball bullets to come your way. The British do know how to motivate…

What’s the weirdest diet you’ve come across? I wonder if you have any addition to this list!