7 Bedtime Habits That Will Make You Healthier and Happier

Set the Right Room Temperature

Making sure your room is at the right temperature before you go to bed is essential for a solid night’s sleep. If you wake up too hot or cold during the night, then your sleep will be interrupted, affecting its quality. Finding the right temperature for your bedroom will most likely require some trial and error, but a comfortable temperature is important.


Limit Your Caffeine Intake

Caffeine is a stimulant that is consumed by individuals to increase alertness, focus and make them feel more awake and energized. Limiting your caffeine intake late in the day is essential for a good quality sleep. When it is consumed late in the day, it will stimulate your nervous system, which will make it difficult for your body to relax naturally during the night.


Do Relaxing Exercises

Doing intense exercise an hour or two before bed is a great way to make yourself naturally tired and improve your sleep at night. You should not do intense exercises right before bed as it can actually make you feel more awake. If you would like to do some exercise before you sleep, then you should consider adding some relaxing stretches to your night time routine.


Block Out Any Sound

Waking up to noise during the night is common, especially if you live near a busy road or a populated area. Ear plugs are a great way to block out any noise that interrupts your sleep and you can block gaps in your windows to reduce noise getting through. If you sleep with a partner and they snore, you should do what you can to stop them snoring to help you get the best sleep possible.


Reduce Screen Time

Many of us are victims of spending too much time staring at screens. This can have a negative impact on our mental health and can cause issues to our eye health and posture. Reducing your screen time before bed is an effective way to improve your sleep quality. Ideally, you should cut screen time an hour before you go to bed, but benefits can be experienced just half an hour before.


Take Calming Supplements

There are a number of natural remedies that can improve sleep quality. Melatonin tends to be the most popular supplement to take before bed, as it helps you fall asleep quicker. However, there are several other supplements that induce relaxation to help you sleep. These include glycine, lavender, magnesium, L-theanine, valerian root and ginkgo biloba.


Get Yourself Relaxed

Optimizing your bedroom environment and doing this to make yourself feel relaxed before bed should be combined with the above tips to help you rest well during the night. To optimize your bedroom setting, you should make sure your mattress, bedding and pillows are comfortable, and eliminate external noise and light. To relax yourself before bed, you should take a warm bath or shower.

Incorporating these habits into your daily routine won’t happen overnight, but once you manage to make them part of your bedtime routine and your sleep quality improves, you will become a healthier and happier person.

Healthy Habits and My Journey to Healing

When I grow up (matured more and had even more life lessons and insights) I would like to heal the world. Or even those around me. In order to do so it’s perhaps time to share some more of my healthy habits and my journey to healing – short version.

Break patterns and bad habits
Before going on a weeks surf and yoga trip in Morocco I stopped smoking. Don’t tell my parents or daughter but I started at a very young age and smoked for about 20 years!
Before stopping the cigarettes I drank. Sometimes excessively. At one point I stopped going to places and events where I would drink out of habit. And yes, life was so much more fun at that time but you later realize it’s self destructive.

Face your fears
The period before quitting the bad habits I surely faced my fears and fed my soul. Acupuncture, wall climbing, snowboarding, surfing and yoga gave me the courage to face my biggest fear, which was in the end my past. To release myself from this heavy burden I sat down and faced it. I talked, listened, cried and found the words to say. It was then and there where I released myself from the heavy luggage and armour to carry on without it – lighter, brighter and free!

Find your passion
I used to get frustrated when I would read “find your passion” because I didn’t know what mine was! I was too busy with my patterns and habits, taking care of my daughter and working a full-time job. But as soon as I let go of my heavy luggage, the breaking of habits soon followed and I simply (re)discovered my passions and little joys – writing, cooking, yoga and going on road trips. Recently I discovered my newest passion, which is giving massages. This might be one of my baby steps to heal the world 🙂

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I would love to read about how and when you broke your patterns, so please comment below and also drop me a line if you need a gentle push in the right direction or need to stay on it.
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