4x what does caffeine do to your body

‘But first, coffee.’ ‘Don’t talk to me before my morning coffee.’ ‘Coffee: the most important meal of the day.’ You probably know them, all those spells about coffee. For many of us, this kind of morning is well integrated into the daily rhythm. But do you know what the caffeine from your hot drink does to you? (Except waking up). All the facts in a row. 

First an update where the substance caffeine can be found. The best known is, of course, just coffee, but did you know that tea is also known as theine? In addition, caffeine is also in cola, iced tea, energy drinks and even in chocolate. The amount of the substance in each product varies considerably, but the biggest sources of caffeine are espresso and energy shots.


As soon as caffeine is absorbed into your blood, it enters your brain. There it blocks certain receptors, so you will get an increased state of alertness. The release of adrenaline is also stimulated, which only reinforces that. Result: you can handle the world, but it could also be that you feel a bit hunted.


Because of the adrenaline and cortisol released after drinking a cup of coffee, your blood vessels narrows. This causes your blood pressure to rise, which in turn causes your heart rate to drop. With a large intake, this can even lead to arrhythmias, but no worries, you really have to drink a lot of coffee.


Caffeine stimulates your kidneys, so you have to urinate more. You probably recognize this: right after your cup of coffee or tea you immediately feel the pressure on your bladder. This is not because, contrary to what people often say, caffeine dehydrates, so you have to pee more. It is still the same amount, you just have to go to the bathroom faster. If you sit there for a number two it is not so strange, because coffee also stimulates the stomach and intestines. But whether that is because of the caffeine, or whether another substance is responsible for this, is not (yet) known.


In addition to all the effects, you also get more energy from coffee and it takes away your tiredness. This can be great during exercise, because this way you can keep your spicy workout up! Exactly the reason why caffeine is often added to pre workouts shakes. However, it can also be a disadvantage that caffeine makes you so alert, energetic and motivated. For example, if you suddenly become completely hypedbent after a cup of coffee after dinner, while you actually wanted to go to bed early. You lie there and stare at the ceiling. A good tip to get to sleep better is also to avoid these drinks!


In short: that daily cup of coffee does quite a lot with your body. And to be honest, at Fitgirlcode HW we can no longer do without. Also so fond of this hot drink? Will you let us know in the comments what your favorite coffee is?

5 reasons why you should say “Yes”

Are you the type that can think of a billion reasons why you should not do anything new, exciting, nerve wrecking or even pamper yourself? Read on. Following up on the article 5 steps to practice saying ‘No’ here are 5 reasons why you should say “Yes”.

5 reasons why you should say "Yes" 1. Say “Yes” to treating yourself right!
Take good care of yourself by good foods, drinks, snacks and go pamper yourself now and again. Have a facial, a massage and go shop a new wardrobe every now and again including shoes! If it’s budget that’s  holding you back in treating yourself, save money on a monthly base and go on a shopping spree once in a quarter. I’m sure you can think of something, and why shouldn’t you, you’re worth it! Like the Jogha collection 😉




2. Say “Yes” to meeting new people!
Whether you’re in school or work, I’m sure you get invited to going to events, celebrations, dinners or drinks once in a while. Start practising saying yes to these invitations, even if you don’t know anyone, heck, especially when you don’t know anyone! Meeting new people or even one person at a gathering who you click with is so much fun! Just see how it goes, and if it didn’t meet up to your expectations…just go home. Don’t beat yourself over it and never let it hold you back into taking up another invitation. Keep going to new places en keep meeting new people.

3. Say “Yes” to opportunities in work!
When opportunities are practically thrown at you in work, have a little think about it and take it! Surely you know your worth to the company and the chance to having new experiences will enrich you as a person and do a lot of good to your self-worth. And never be afraid to speak out. A good boss or manager will listen to what you have to say and will do what’s best for you role in his/her team or the company.

4. Say “Yes” to learn something new!
Seriously, you are never too old to learn something new! Even the smartest people learn new things as we can’t experience everything in life in one go. It takes steps, sometimes even baby steps to learn something new and that’s the fun bit! Learning how to ride the bike – whoohoo, how cool was that!?

5. Say “yes” and enjoy the adventure!
If you’re used to saying “No”, practice saying “Yes”. It will bring you into situations you haven’t experienced before and what’s the harm in that? Stop over analysing things and stop worrying about stuff. Life is too short to deprive yourself living it!

Follow me on my blog or Instagram for inspiration and tips and leave your comments below, would love to read your ways to saying “Yes”!

What does being fit mean?

As a child, I always challenged the rules.
I always asked why.
Even though I did very well in math (as there is only one correct answer), my favorite subjects were art and philosophy!  Art and philosophy allowed creative expression and the power to choose our beliefs.  This resonated with me as I was always more intrigued by the gray area.  Not just black and white!
“Facts” from history and science text books only went so far.  I asked: which side of the story are we hearing and from whom?  Who wrote this text book?  Even though the theory may be proven, it doesn’t mean that thousands of others don’t exist!  I wanted to know!
I was interested in what wasn’t proven yet.  What we couldn’t see.
In life, I never wanted to do what’s been done.  I enjoy pushing the envelope and creating new ideas, philosophies, and ways to condition the mind and body.  I follow my creativity.  I allow my imagination to lead me to new directions on my path.  The power of our subconscious mind is something that is not taught to us in school.  In our moments of stillness, when we are NOT thinking, our subconscious mind shines through.  And this is our power!
All of us have a “subconscious mind.”  Think of an iceberg.  If we are in a boat floating on water, the tip of the ice berg (that’s visible above water) represents the “thinking mind.”  Yet, what lies below the water is the rest of the iceberg which is much more massive in size!!! This represents “the subconscious mind.”  The subconscious mind is responsible for our being and responsible for majority of our behaviors in life.  Our thinking mind can sometimes cloud us and keep us from moving forward and progressing in life.  Especially if we identify with our minds, we can easily lose sight of the truth !
Our minds are tricksters and can often lie to us.  It is healthy to step outside our comfort zones and watch our thoughts.  This way we can see what we are habitually thinking.  Are they positive or negative thoughts ?
In watching our thoughts, we can see what we are continually telling ourselves and dis-identify with our thinking brain.  We can use more of our subconscious and more imagination to direct us and lead us towards our ultimate potential – a fit mind body and soul !
The thing is, your soul already knows the answer.  Start listening to your soul, trusting your intuition, and believing in your dreams.  Your soul is the energy that is your light ! It’s what attracts people to you and attracts the goods things to you and your When we stop thinking, we start doing, and taking action is the first step to getting fit!
Us girls can use movement and exercise to access our subconscious minds!  And turn off our brain!  I get it – we are all working so hard: to be great daughters, friends, girlfriends, wives, sisters, workers, bosses, make money, support ourselves… And change the world!  We are under lots of pressure! All while to look good at the same time!  We need that moment to turn OFF our brain – and this is where the workout comes in!  Our moving meditation! Please make sure to sweat and move your body! It can only make you better!
But remember being fit is not just something physical.  To be fit, we must have fit bodies, fit minds and fit souls.  All three elements are connected to well being and happiness.
Start asking why.  Start taking action.  Brain off.  Movement on! Love yourself!
PS if you’re in NYC, I teach classes and privates ! I’m here if you need me ! Visit www.nicolewinhoffer.com for more info!