A Fit Girl’s sporty bucket list

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Inspiration is everywhere. On the internet, on your mobile phone (Instagram!) and in magazines. From crazy stuff I want badly, places I really want to go to or beautiful people with great stories I want to meet. I just can’t get enough of it. A little nasty side effect when sucking up all this inspiration is: I want a killer body (just like the girls on IG), I want to be successful, inspiring to others and experience great things all the time. Gosh, I want a lot. That’s why I started a bucket list.

Drop the pressure

It’s okay to be ambitious and to have goals. But I felt overloaded with the things I wanted to achieve. And I want to achieve them all in one year. Not a good idea and not at all realistic. That’s why I created a bucket list of activities/experiences I want to do before I die. I don’t have to do it all at once, do I? And did you know that many psychologists strongly believe that people are more likely to achieve their goals if they write them down?

  1. When I write things down, I can’t forget them. If you want things badly, you probably won’t forget them at all but if your head is working overtime – like mine – it works great.
  2. Writing down your goals/ideas or lifetime experiences-to-come, can be funny (and hilarious) when reading them back after a couple years. “What was I thinking?”
  3. Just like a to-do list at work it feels awesome to tick off the things you’ve already finished. One down, nine to go.
  4. Don’t forget to put things on your list that are more achievable then others. It doesn’t all have to be rocket science or kinky stuff.

See? It's a pretty good idea to write things down especially when it comes to such important things like your bucket list!

My 10 Sporty things before I die (aka my sporty bucket list)

  1. Running the NY Marathon before I’m 40 (I still need a deadline ;) )
  2. Being a Nike trainer for (at least) a day.  (Do you know the Dutch Christina Koelewijn or the Aussie Phoebe Di Tommaso? AWESOME!)
  3. Learning how to (kite) surf  (What is a beachlover without a surfing experience?)
  4. Being on a SUP for a day (I loved it and I’ll put it on my to-do list again this summer)
  5. Getting drilled by a personal trainer (After my pregnancy I will find my Captain Jack)
  6. Starting a no sugar challenge for 30 days (My record is 7 days…)
  7. Teaching a Bootcamp workout (or any workout) abroad  (Last year I almost replaced an animation team instructor during my holiday in Spain but I had to go on an excursion instead. Boohoo…)
  8. Participating an obstacle run like the Strongmen run  (I did the Urbanathlon in Amsterdam once, but I want to nail those monkeybars!)
  9. Being a BodyPump or GRIT Strength instructor (I love the Les Mills concept and these programs are my favourite)
  10. Having an important role in a tv-show like Obese (Being the motivator or trainer and succeeding)

So there you have it! My sport bucket list. It's pretty reasonable right? ;)

And of course I want to be an inspiring woman and mother too, share my energy with the rest of the world and live life to the max. But I don’t need a bucket list for that ☺.

What’s on your Fit Girl’s bucket list?


Live, love, Sparkle