Kayla Itsiness Boot Camp at Glamour Health Challenge

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On Saturday 6th of June, Kayla Itsiness Australian babe and fitness guru came to visit us Fit Girls in Amsterdam for her first boot camp word tour at the Glamour Health Challenge and we couldn’t be more happy about it! Around a thousand girls from around the country joined together for an intense work out under the sunny sky of Amsterdam and here are some experiences from the Fit Girls!

Fit Girl Shirley's recap
I personally love these type of events, already from stepping out of the train seeing hundreds of Fit Girls with their awesome colourful running gears and yoga mats ready to kick some ass made me so enthusiastic about it all.

Honestly, the Glamour Health Challenge was very well organised specially considering the amount of girls attending! In the event there where cute stands with workout clothing and you could also find delicious healthy snacks and fresh juices! Lets not forget about the male models wearing suits welcoming us at the door! Thumbs up for Glamour :D

When my friend and I found a place for our mats, it all began with a relaxing yoga class, then a lunch break followed by the most intense workout of my life! It was indeed very exiting to see Kayla go on stage with awesome music and all these motivated girls surrounding me! After and hour of hell, nearly fainting once and running out of water after 15 minutes I felt proud, happy and it all reminded me why I never want to stop being a Fit Girl!

When meeting Kayla, my first impression was how nice she is, we exchanged some words while she was holding her Jogha sweater from the sweat collection that looked great on her! Then we took some pictures and I asked her to go to South America soon because loads of girls would love to get to meet her!

It was one of the most fun events I’ve been in a while I can’t wait to continue with her guides and hopefully go to another of her boot camps in the future! You rock Kayla !




Fit Girl Cynthia's recap

As soon as I found out through Kayla Itsines' Instagram account that she would start her world tour bootcamp in Amsterdam I definitely wanted to join! As a user of Kayla's BBG guides myself - I never came further than week 3 - I was mostly curious how I would experience a bootcamp given by a personal trainer who has inspired so many women all over the world by posting progress photos of her clients on Instagram.



While driving on to the premises my friend and I saw loads of girls in sports clothes with gym bags and (yoga)mats cycling or walking towards the entrance. And while we wondered how many girls and maybe even guys would join this event we were lucky to find a parking spot right in front of the entrance - yay!

After the warm welcome by two hosts smartly dressed in suits, our first impression of the layout and facilities was a very positive one - and this comes from two Fit Girls, full-time working within Facility Management and experienced in organizing events, obeying safety rules and regulations...

The stalls with healthy goods of all sorts were easy accessible and the weather was clearly on our side! :) Aranka (founder of Fitgirlcode and Jogha) and a few other popular bloggers showed us some sports clothing through a fashion show and a yoga session followed shortly after. After an one hour break and another fashion show by the same bloggers, Kayla was called on stage by the host! The participants - us included - were SO ready for the bootcamp! Like Shelley, I also noticed Kayla was wearing her Jogha sweater and really felt proud!

[caption id="attachment_23713" align="alignleft" width="960"] David Stegenga Fotografie[/caption]

The bootcamp session was just as I expected - full of energy, loads of fun, high impact, inspiring and it definitely resulted in to keeping the motivation for the fit and healthy lifestyle that I'm leading! Because BALANCE, FOCUS, STRENGTH and FUN IN LIFE is really just ALL WE NEED!! To my opinion the give-away bottles and foam rollers (thrown from the stage) and the 1.5 hour meet and greet with Kayla was really thoughtful of Kayla and her team. Taking the time and expressing gratitude truly says something about a person, no matter how long the queue!




And with this I can only wish Kayla Itsines and her team loads of luck, more fun and even more success to continue inspiring, motivating and doing good! Go #KAYLASARMY!! 

Find more pictures of the event on my Instagram (mamacyndotcom).


Fit Girl Lisa's recap 

I got superexcited when I heard Kayla was coming to Amsterdam. I don’t follow her BBG because that would be insane next to my own training and teaching, but occasionally I do some of the workouts - they’re awesome for on the road or when you’re pressed for time. And I always end up supersweaty and shaking! So expectations where high and I was also a little scared for the day haha. Arriving at the Jaap Edenbaan I got even more excited - the atmosphere was amazing, the sun was shining and everyone was smiling. There were several stands with delicious food and healthy goodies. Before the bootcamp, we got a nice warm-up yoga class by Wilma Werkheim. Then it finally started! Kayla indeed made us sweat and shake in no time. She made it look so effortless and easy while everyone just started laughing out of disbelief and horror. Kayla had an amazing energy though and it translated very well to the crowd, everyone was pumped and extremely motivated. A few days later I’m still sore, so impressive! It was an honor to get drilled by this lovely and inspiring lady. Now that I’m gonna be on the road for the summer I’ll definitely be doing some of the BBG workouts again!

Fit Girl Yola

To be honest, this was one of the most fun events I've had so far this year. Not just because of the event itself. Let's see, where shall I begin..When I met my BFFF Suus (@fitgirlsuus) at the entrance we teamed up right away. Because we had a press invitation we could walk past the whole waiting line so we were one of the first girls on the field. Next to that I got an amazing Lululemon yogamat which I used immediately and functioned perfectly.

During the whole event the weather was A-ma-zing! I couldn't have asked for a better day to sit, workout, eat, chat and chill in the sun. A few days ago I posted a quote on my Instagram that says "Forgot to do yoga yesterday. That makes it 6 years in a row now". Which I realised isn't true because I did Yoga before Kayla's bootcamp together with many other Fit Girls! And there is even proof I did (read: tried) some Yoga poses ;)

After Yoga we had some time to walk around and I came across so many amazing Fit Girls that I knew (or that knew me ;)) from Instagram (@yolaforthewin). I really loved to meet all of them! So inspiring and fun to chat with all these girls.

All of a sudden there was a lot of screaming and I was like: what the hell is going on? But then I realised I missed the whole climax: Kayla arrived at the stage! I hurried my ass over there and jumped on my mat. After only a few minutes I was sweating all over the place but I pushed through and LOVED it. The energy that comes with Kayla is just amazing, I just can't stand still.

I didn't join the bottle fight because I didn't want one to bump on my head. I already got an amazing Yoga Mat so I hope some other girls were lucky enough to catch one!

At the end of the day I was totally exhausted but so happy that I joined this event. I hope there will be many more Kayla Bootcamps in the near future, because one thing's for sure: I  will definitely join again!

Love, Yola (@yolaforthewin)