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Do you think you’re a foodie? How could this food bucket list make you slimmer?

Eating the same kinds of foods and meals each week gets a little boring and if you’ve ever put yourself on a restricted diet in order to lose weight, you’ll

People and attitudes towards the body across countries

A healthy lifestyle means something different to each person and can be linked to many influences in our lives. Habits like what time you eat your dinner at, are often linked

The ten day burgers, fries and soda diet

New research proves that the health problems related to eating junk food are about more than just consuming too many calories of fat and sugar. Even if you try to make

Adidas Go creates playlists customized to your run

When you workout 3+ times a week, the go to “workout” playlist can quickly become repetitive. Sometimes no amount of shuffling will do. Add a stale playlist to a session of solo

Average sized models better for business and women’s self esteem

The fashion industry has been criticised for years for using models deemed too thin, but it hasn’t stopped it yet. But the demand for models of all sizes in advertising is being taken

Urgent danger of unregulated diet pills

Recently Lisanne wrote about “Why slimming pills are a big no no” expressing that they are never the answer to lose weight. Not only do slimming pills support an unhealthy relationship with

Why trans fat is your worst enemy

At #FITGIRLCODE we encourage balance in your diet and treating yourself but it is important to know what ingredients are in store bought food. Limiting processed junk food is one
FITGIRLCODE is an online community that inspires and motivates women to become the fittest version of themselves. Our mission: to make the world a healthier and more fun place, one Fit Girl at a time.

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