Who said that working out with a kettlebell is only for indoors? Well exactly…no one ever did. When you feel like working out but don’t want to go to the gym, because of the nice weather, or because it does not fit your mood, take your kettlebell  outside.

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Keep on reading to see how I make it my time worth while to…..breath and stop…for real….
and give it what I’ve got



Trust me, some good old thrusters will keep you going and will get your heartbeat up in no time. It’s known as the perfect all-in-one excersize. For me it’s the one move that literally puts my whole body to work instantly and here are some tips on how to execute it .

–  Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Make sure you lower your back tightly arched, and the kettlebell in military press position with your hands no wider than the outsides of your shoulders.

– Keeping your head and chest held high, push your hips back and descend into a below-parallel squat.

–  From the bottom position, explode back up to start position using your momentum to simultaneously press the kettlebel overhead.

– Finish in a standing position, with the kettlebell over and slightly behind your head, then smoothly lower it and descend into another squat in one continuous motion.

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