Why you should do a cooling down

Fit & Training door stephanie-grootveld

Before I start exercising I often start with a good warm up. Just 10 minutes on the treadmill or good stretching and I can take it. But when I finish my workout, I often can't wait to go home. I forget something very important: a cooling down! Recognizable? I will explain to you today why a cooling down is important and I will give you tips on how to perform it as well as possible. 


Did you know that  a cooling down does more than just prevent muscle pain? There are a number of other important benefits attached to it. The biggest reason to do a cooling down is to prevent dizziness, this is caused by a change in the blood circulation. When you suddenly switch to rest mode from a good workout, that change is very sudden and you can get a bit dizzy. In addition, a cooling down is very important for your muscle recovery. A cooling down reduces the lactic acid in your body. The lactic acid accumulates in your muscles during exercise and causes a slower recovery. When you do your cooling down, the lactic acid is removed more easily and your body recovers better.


  1. Plan your cooling down

When you know you have an hour to do your workout, plan 50 minutes for your warm up and workout and keep the last 10 minutes for your cool down. This way you will be ready in time for the next thing on your schedule.

  1. Make it a routine

Do you exercise according to a certain schedule? Plan your cooling down into your schedule. If you repeat this scheme for a while, you automatically get used to it and it becomes a routine. So you never have to think about whether or not to do your cooling down.

  1. Keep it simple

A cooling down does not have to be complicated or take a long time. Keep it simple by walking for 2 minutes and then doing some stretches. Or do a yoga routine of 5 minutes for example, easy does it!

I will never skip my cooling down again! Do you always do a cool down after working out? Or do you, just like me, skip it too often? I like to read what you think! :)