Thank you Fit Girls!

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You may or may not know that I have written my thesis about Fitgirlcode, but did you know that we made the local newspaper with it? A couple of months ago, I asked you fit girls to help me out with my thesis by participating in one of my focus groups. This was picked up via Twitter by one of the editors of a Rotterdam newspaper called the Havenloods, and he asked me if it would be nice to have an interview for the paper. Of course I said yes - I love to talk about Fitgirlcode!

What we talked about was why I did my thesis research on Fitgirlcode, which then consisted of 20.000 fit girls. I found it hard to explain why it fascinated me how fast we have grown. But it does fascinate me. Looking back, it is really mind-blowing how many fit girls have joined the community in just five months... I remember the day well that Aranka casually mentioned she started an Instagram account with Christel and that I should check it out some time. And look where we are now! Almost 40.000 internationally located fit girls have joined in! Seriously people, that is amazing.

The headline of the newspaper article is "Rotterdam community becomes worldwide platform". Well, I think it definitely did. When we asked you on Instagram where you came from, we got so many different answers. It is so good to see that Fitgirlcode travels the world and people are getting inspired in all these different countries. Keep inspiring each other!

So what I want to do is thank you. Thank you for the unstoppable energy you are giving us by reading and appreciating our posts. Thank you for sending us your pictures or tagging it with #fitgirlcode, so we can be a part of your journey. Thank you for being the best ambassadors a community can possibly have - we wouldn't have grown so incredibly fast if it wasn't for you!

And of course, a big and warm thank you to the people who participated in my focus group and thus made my graduation possible: Dionne, Mirjam, Wing, Kim, May-Anne, Daphne, the Fitgirlcode team and several others (gotta keep those privacy rules in mind!) You are awesome!