As Drake says, “know yourself, know your worth”. One thing I didn’t exactly bargain for when I started training, lifting, and truly working on myself was just that…being alone. A lot. When you have to remove eating out because of a strict diet, skipping events because you need to train or want to just crash in your bed and watch entire seasons of your favorite show…you realize you have a lot of time to date yourself.

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What this also brings on are some bouts of loneliness. Some people will deny this, saying that focusing on you is empowering and you don’t need anyone else but yourself, ever. But that isn’t how it is for me, and most likely, it isn’t how it is for a lot of people all of the time. Sometimes, when you’re so busy working on you, you actually become the kind of person you want someone special to meet.

When I was talking to a good friend of mine, it was broken down to me pretty simply: “You need to know that you are everything that someone needs. These people may just not be able to handle all that you are.” So how do you swallow the fact that maybe you’re becoming exactly who you should be, you’re the total package, and that is too much?


You go sweat it out is what you do. It has been said that “One is the loneliest number” but I’d like to switch that up and say that “One is the loneliest and most empowering number”. When you are on track to becoming the ultra-version of yourself, you don’t stop to fit anyone else’s timeline. Keep forming your strengths and working on your weaknesses and focus on becoming the kind of person you want others to look up to, the kind of person others would want to meet and be friends with, be the kind of person you’d want to be with. In the mean time….date yourself.

Go see a movie alone, take a new book and sit in a park for a few hours, buy yourself flowers and enjoy getting to know this newer, better, stronger version of yourself. Embrace all of this “me” time, allow yourself the time to grow physically and mentally. Push yourself to your limits and then some, try new, scary, challenging things and see what happens. Invest in yourself, your friends and your family. Look at all the positives you have and all the positives you are working towards that will make any person think they are the luckiest to meet you when they finally get the privilege to do so.

When you’re the total package, you’re worth the wait, don’t let anyone or anything make you feel any different.



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