The smart sports bra you absolutely need

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Don't feel like holding your phone during your workout? Well, then it's time to pay attention to this gadget. This smart sports bra could be your lifesaver. It's stylish, comfortable and very clever. I kid you not!

We are already familiar with a lot of different types of wearable technology. Many Fit Girls wear a fitness tracker which shows all the details of a workout. But that's not necessary any more, thanks to the designers at OMsignal.

Ultra smart sports bra

This ultra smart sports bra doesn't only show you numbers, it also makes calculations. And these calculations are sent to your phone straight after your workout. In the corresponding app it shows information about your breathing and it tells you how much oxygen you use during your run. This incredible sports bra is designed with the help of engineers, scientists and multiple designers.

The bra is made out of breathable polyester, nylon and elastane blend, it has adjustable straps and cups so it's designed to adapt to your body perfectly. It also keeps your boobies in place perfectly. That's what we need! Check out this campaign video to see more of this handy gadget.

Are you getting pumped for the launch of this sports bra? Or would you rather work with an app?