A year ago I decided that my sales job at a marketing firm was a waste of my talent. I was always looking for stylish sportswear. Although the materials of existing sportswear were great, the clothing did not really match my personal style. What I didn’t find during my quest for the perfect sportswear, I decided to make myself. This is how Jogha came to exist. Luxury sportswear for busy women who do not only want to look their best but also be their very best, inside and outside of the gym. Each week I’ll share a chapter of the story behind Jogha.

Ethnic unique - collage


My Best Friend Youtube
Of course I had to write a business plan to raise seed money and make my dreams come true. To support the ideas I had about Jogha I had to show some initial designs. Of course, I had no money to pay for a fashion designer, so I decided to reach out to one of my best friends: YouTube. The InDesign tutorials I found here taught me some basic designer skills. I didn’t have enough money to buy the whole InDesign program either, so I also had to work with a time frame of a free 30-day trial. I really wanted to make this thing happen, so I didn’t stop until I was satisfied!

Where it all started…
The Ethic Unique print was the first print I chose for the Jogha Badass collection. Back then, the print was just called “ethnic”.  The print was handpainted by a printmaker from California I met when I was at a fabric fair in Paris. The print was quite large and actually not suitable for clothing. There would be a lot of waste in fabric if we would use this print the way it was originally designed, as a symmetrical print. Stubborn as I am, I decided to use the print despite the difficulties. Now, every tight and bra is unique, hence the name!


B101_Ethnic_Print_1Long tights Etnique Unique
The Jogha Long Tights are also the first ones I designed. In my research to design the perfect running tights, I came across some interesting insights. Fit Girls wanted a cool print, but some of the prints were not flattering and accentuated their upper legs. That is why we combined a black base with bold prints for support and streamlined physique. We used flatlock stitching to prevent chafing and added an extra panel on the side to create a curve that flattered.. well.. the booty!




Racerback Bra Etnique Unique
It took 7 samples to give the Racerback Bra the perfect fit! We created this style to be versatile, functional for both high intensity sports like running and comfortable enough to do yoga in. The Racerback Bra has a light padding for comfort and a mesh interior for ultimate breathablity.



If you have any questions about the collection or are an aspiring entrepreneur yourself, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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