My twelve year old nieces (yes twins!) regularly join me for a good match of football and most of the time, they really enjoy it. However, how do you pick a sport to play? And what to do when things don’t go as planned? I have some tips that I’d like to share with you about working out with kids.

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Tips for working out with kids

My oldest nieces are very much into all kinds of sports so it’s fun to workout with them and try new things. My smallest nieces are a bit too young for sports, so a good workout with the little ones usually means running around at the playground for hours!


Working out with kids is so much fun. Their spirits shine a different light on things and they might even change your perspective in a positive way. Patience is a virtue, and this definitely is the case when you want to introduce a child to any kind of new sport. Staying patient often is a challenge, even if they’re getting the hang of it but with some help, it’s should be a piece of cake or at least a little bit easier.

You’ll find super useful tips on the next page!

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