Last month, Aranka and I were invited to a fitness event hosted by Women’s Health NL for a CrossFit workout. The place to be? The hottest newest gym in Amsterdam: the Vondelgym, with super hot guy Mr. Arie Boomsma. This Dutch TV-presentor is known for his sensitive TV-shows, but he is also a true fitness fanatic and started his own dream gym!

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Oh myyyy..! This picture is just the warm up: is your heart racing already? 😉

I wanted to share the workout with you, because it was super challenging and fun!  We did a CrossFit workout, using our bodyweight and a weight plate for the exercises. You can easily use a kettlebell or heavy dumbbell as a substitute. All you need is a shuffled deck of cards. Each card represents an exercise. You turn over the cards one at a time, and go through the entire deck, as soon as possible!


Diamond  =  Triple Jump
Hearts  =  Push Up
Clubs  =  Butterfly Sit Up
Spades  =  Shoulder Press

1 to 10  =  1 to 10 repetitions
Jack  =  12 repetitions
Queen  =  14 repetitions
King  =  16 repetitions
Ace  =  20 repetitions

JOKER = 20 burpees!

For example: a 4 of hearts would imply doing four push ups. A Queen of Spades: 14 shoulder presses!


Go to the next pages for the exercises

Diamonds = Triple Jump. Jump into a lunge position. Jump and switch legs mid-air, landing in another lunge. Jump – and this time, land in a squat position. This is one rep.







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