Me vs Running: Part 3 - Nike Women's 10km Amsterdam

Fit & Training door thijs

Oh guys. Just a few days until the Nike Women’s 10km Amsterdam. Two months ago I wrote this article, committing myself to run six times that month. I got myself injured during the very first run, awesomeness! Since that particular run I ran twice more – impressive, huh. 


Injured while running
Time goes by so damn fast. My injury is still nagging and I’m very frustrated by it. However I really can’t miss this race! I will finish it, but I will do it slow. Before my injury, my fastest 5km was 26 mins; my latest 5km I did in a mind-blowing 33 mins. Right now I’m bummed about it but not really bothered about setting a good time anymore. I don’t want to make my injury worse.



Getting ready for Berlin
In June I will also run the Nike Women’s 10km Berlin. Hopefully my injury will be gone by then, but we’ll see. I'll do it at a turtle pace. Maybe it is not the best idea to do these races with an injury but I’m way too stubborn to back out of it of course. And have you seen the gorgeous trophy you get when you finished the Amsterdam race? For me that is worth stumbling a few days after.

Register & run with us!
Who else is doing the race? You can still register online at I think it will be an unforgettable experience. If you’re with us, don’t forget to download the Nike Race Companion. It is Nike’s awesome tool to keep you updated about all the latest developments.

For who is running with us - we're looking forward to seeing you there this Saturday!