How to wear sneakers with dresses and skirts

Fit & Training door thijs

I must be honest with you guys. I may not be the fittest girl around because I only started at the end of last year and nowadays I'm working out around 3 times a week. And yes, when it comes to food I also could be more dedicated to it. But hey, it's all an process and every week I'm learning more and more about my body and getting fit. This is also the reason I'm probably not the best person with the best knowledge about sharing my view on getting fit. That's why I'm so happy with all my fellow Fit Girls here on #FITGIRLCODE who are sharing their inspiring personal stories, tips and tricks and yummy healthy recipes. I got in touch with #FITGIRLCODE a while ago and they told me that they would love to see and read how I style sneakers in daily looks. I'm not really wearing my work-out sneakers together with my daily looks, but still my looks consist a lot of sneakers – that's how I roll!

If you have followed my blog for a while you'd know I've got quite a tomboy style. Styling sneakers doesn't sound like the hardest task for a girl like me. And yes, you're right about that. But in this case I'll be talking about styling those same sporty shoes in a more feminine ensemble. Like with flirty dresses or with skirts you want to twirl in. For today I'm sharing a few tips on how to wear sneakers with dresses and skirts. Because hey girls, summer is on its way!

Keep it easy!

When you're in doubt about styling dresses or skirts with sneakers, it's better to start easy with white kicks or a monochrome look so you can get comfortable with the silhouette and don' have to worry about clashing colours. Similar to dressing up in general, it's all about bringing balance in a look and considering the type of fabric of your garments with the type of shoes.


Proportions are the key.

Summer is the season to show off your body in that bodycon dress or flowy skirt. To make your look a bit more edgy or give your feet some rest, this will be the time to opt for sneakers instead of high heels. But on the other side you don't want to make your legs look shorter. So try to avoid sneakers that will visually cut off your legs. Because we're all trying to make them look as long as possible, right? I would advise not to wear high tops with a knee length skirt – because it will make your legs look shorter. Lower and cotton plimsolls will elongate your legs and make the proportions of your outfit look much better.

Just do it!

Although it may be against the so-called 'fashion rules' or people around you don't get it – just do it! Dressing up and feeling confident in it is so much more important than fitting in and following some rules. When you feel totally comfortable in a look it will shine through in your personality and that's what can make a look cool.