Who Dares To Join Us For a Killer Workout with NatuurlijkSportief?

Fit & Training door anna FG

Do you want to kill an outside workout with some of the Fit Girls? We're going to train together with Nick and Teun from NatuurlijkSportief and we like to invite 5 of you Fit Girls to come along! 

What is NatuurlijkSportief

With NatuurlijkSportief, Nick and Teun try retrieve the cheerful, carefree feeling everyone had as a youngster. Sport and movement shouldn’t be an obligation and it doesn’t have to be difficult, competitive, or stressful to achieve results. We were born movers and moving is natural, but as we’re getting older we become slower or even fall in a state of inactivity which is totally against our nature. That’s why we encourage you to get out there yourself!

They get people to move outdoors in nature without any rules, limits, restrictions, equipment, fixed training schemes or isolated exercises. We use everything we find in nature in order to improve all-round athletic performances and get as fit as possible. Imagine what you can do with trees, stones, hills and water. The possibilities are endless. Anyone can train this way, anywhere. All you need is natural environment and your best mood!

Are you up for the challenge?
We love to meet the awesome Fit Girls in our community and sweat our butts off together. If you're up for a killer workout in nature and like to train with some of the Fit Girls please do the following:

We'll choose 5 women to train with us!


When: Sunday 22nd of March
Time: 11.00 hrs
Meeting point: Kralingse Bos, Rotterdam (parking lot near the beach)


UPDATE: We've contacted our winners. We would like to thank all of you Fit Girls for participating! We always have cool contests and give aways so be sure to check out our blog!