Why you should be working out on your period

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All through high school, my classmates and I were always asking to be excused from gym class because of cramps, and I remember in particular that my gym teacher was always rambling about how working out on your period would actually help. The thing is, she never actually explained why, so doing laps around the field just wasn't going to happen for me.  Looking back, I can now admit that she was right. Working out on your period is actually a pretty good idea, and here's why. 

I am superwoman

While all women experience their periods differently, there is one thing all have in common: this is the time your body is closest to that of a man's. During your period, estrogen and progesterone levels drop significantly, leaving you actually pretty powerful. According to Dr. Stacy Sims, an exercise physiologist from Stanford University, working out on your period may result in you hitting higher intensities, lasting longer in your routine, and with a lower core temperature. Besides that, your pain tolerance also rises. So if you've been trying to reach a new personal best, heading to the gym the next time you're on your period may just be what you need!

Say bye bye to PMS and Mood Swings

It's not new information that exercising makes you feel good. When you exercise, your brain starts releasing endorphins that act just like opiates. They stop the transmission of  pain signals, and instead produce feelings of euphoria. So instead of taking some pain killers, exercise offers an alternate and much more natural remedy for your cramps and discomfort.  It also helps to reduce some of those negative, depressive feelings and stabilize your mood swings.

While getting yourself to actually start exercising while experiencing all those menstrual symptoms  may be difficult, you'll be left feeling 10x better afterwards. So, put on your comfiest workout gear and just go for it! Are there any Fit Girls out there who always work out while on your periods? How do you feel?

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