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It’s already December and that means it’s the month of parties, quality time with family and friends, and lots of food! The Christmas songs are on the radio again and the Christmas lights are everywhere. Yay, I like! During this time of the year we mostly just let our healthy lifestyle be. And that’s okay…

Before you know it, it’s already New Years Eve and we all start to think about New Year's resolutions. Eating healthier? Working out more often? Or maybe it’s all not that difficult for you during the December month and you’re going for a run on Christmas Day (I did this last year and I loved it, more food for me during Christmas dinner :D). We all deal differently with the holidays. Some may let go of their heatlhy lifestyle and go all for it again on the 1st of January, and some just continue on with eating healthy and working out. It could also be that you are just at the beginning of creating a healthy lifestyle. Yes, we are all different! Vladana for example is trying to get back into her running route, while I myself prefer CrossFit, and so we all have different items on our Christmas wishlist ;)

No matter how you are dealing with your healthy lifestyle, we just want to make it a bit easier for you! To make a start, Nike developed the Gifting Experience to make Christmas shopping already a bit easier. But of course, you want to treat yourself as well sometimes. Therefore, we're giving away 3 Nike Giftcards with a worth of €100,-, to get you going with unlocking your healthy lifestyle! In that way, you can get yourself Christmas presents which will fit your wishes. Now that’s a nice surprise under the Christmas tree ;) How to have a shot at winning a giftcard?

  1. Follow Nike and #FITGIRLCODE on Instagram
  2. Sign up for our newsletter
  3. Tell us in a comment below what you would get yourself with this giftcard!

Well dear Fit Girl, you know what to do! Whether you’ve been a Fit Girl for years already or just starting, we’re here to help! What would you get yourself with this giftcard? Tell us! The contest runs until Sunday 13 December. 

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