You’re at the last few minutes of your workout. Pushing through, drowning in sweat and screaming in silence (or out loud). All you need is a good song to end that workout and smash it till the last second. Here are some of my favorite songs that keep me going and really make me push trough. As soon as I hear the first tunes they give me an instant energy boost, might work for you too. Here are the workout songs that make me sweat!

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Years and Years – King

Madeon – Finale

Cazette feat. The High – Sleepless

Alex Clare – Too close

Falcon Funk – Leophant

Unicorn Kid – Feel so Real

Gecko – Overdrive

Lily Wood & The Pick – Prayer in C


We love to hear what songs keep you going at the end of your workout. Share your favourites in the comments below so we can smash some more workouts together!

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