Yoga flow to get you zen this holiday season

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We all know that the holiday season can be pretty stressful, right? Well, there is a way to get you more zen during these busy weeks; yoga! Did you know that we carry a lot of tension and emotions in our hips? That is why I created an easy yoga flow for you, focussing on the legs and the hips. If you feel the stress is getting to you, try this flow and you will feel better in no time.

Oh and btw, as the weather was gorgeous when I wanted to shoot these pictures, I couldn't resist going outside. Yoga can be done anywhere, and that's exactly why yoga is a great solution to relieve some stress :)


Hold every position for 2 to 8 deep breaths, depending on how much time you have. We are going to start the standing positions with the right leg; after you've finished the sequence with your right leg, repeat it but this time with the left leg.


1. Start in a sitting position; knees, lower legs and ankles are together, sit back on your heels. Press your shoulders lightly together and keep your back straight.

2. Stretch your arms forward, come onto your hands and knees, and push your hips to the sky, straightening the legs. Keep your back straight, open more by pulling your chest towards your legs. Your head is between your arms, your heels are pressing towards the ground.


3. Step your right foot in between your hands, bend your right knee and come into a deep lunge position. Drop your left heel, straighten your left leg and open your hips to the side as you press yourself up. Reach the arms away from each other, gaze out over your front fingertips. For the next poses it is important to keep the knee above the ankle. Gaze up at the sky.

4. Flip your left arm to the sky, your right arm to the ground, as you lower your upper body. Try to touch the ground with your fingertips. Don't dump into the hips, but squeeze your core and try to lift yourself up.


5. Lift yourself up and place your right arm on your right upper leg. Don't dump into the shoulder, or put your weight fully on your leg, but keep yourself lifted and light.

6. If you can, make a bind by slipping your right arm underneath your right upper leg, and your left arm behind your back. Lock your hands, open your chest and again, stay light and lifted.


7. Unwind, press your right leg straight and place your right hand on your right shin, stretching the left hand towards the sky. The left shoulders stacks on top of the right one as you open your chest.

8. Step your left leg in, feet together. Lock your hands behind your back, press them away from you as you open up your chest.


9. Grab your right foot and place it on the inside of your left leg. Press your foot into your thigh, and your knee away from you to really open up the hips. Look up and stretch your arms towards the sky.

10. Those were the standing poses on the right side. Now we're going to repeat everything on the left side. From this standing position, walk your hands forward, keep your legs straight and come into downward facing dog.


11. Come back into downward facing dog after you've finished the left side. Drop your knees to the ground, toes together, knees and ankles apart, stretch your arms away from you, and press your chest towards the ground as you place your head gently on the ground.


12. Turn yourself around and lie onto your back. Place your feet directly under your knees hip width apart, toes pointing forward. Now press your hips up, squeeze your bum and lock your hands under your hips, opening up the chest. Don't let the knees fall out to the side.

13. Drop your hips gently back to the ground. Place your right leg over your left leg, and pull your knees to your chest. This should feel pretty damn good. Switch for the left side.


14. Place the soles of your feet together, let your knees fall out to the sides. Lay your arms down to the sides, palms facing the sky.

15. Now stretch your legs long, and just relax. Focus on your breath, close your eyes if you want, and stay here for as long as you like.

Feeling better now? I bet you do! If you have more tips on how to keep your cool during this busy time of the year, let me know in the comments!