In these Yoga for Dummies blogs, I’ll show you my favorite yoga-like movements. Anyone can do these, just try them out!

Hi guys! Let me start off by saying: I am not flexible. I don’t even like real yoga that much! Wait… what? So why am I writing a blog ‘Yoga for dummies’? It’s simple: I’m a Yoga Dummy myself! I always dreaded the thought of stretching after my workout. Ugh. It takes so much time. And I’m too impatient for it.”  But since I started a new stressful job, I decided it was time for some more zen-moments in my life! And it’s truly paying off! I try to do yoga or stretching after each training (mostly crosstraining and weightlifting). It helps me to relax and my flexibility is increasing.

We’ll start with upper body stretches: bringing flexibility to the shoulders and chest. My upper body is quite stiff, I can’t bring my arms past my ears. I know… it’s kinda embarrassing, but hey that’s just how it is! These movements are super easy and feel amazing. You’ll might look a bit awkward in these positions, but who cares?


In this pose, support your weight with your full underarms and your feet. Your bum is high in the air. Push your chest to the floor, using your arms. This way, your chest and shoulders “open up”. It’s a great stretch!

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