16 Smart Products Every Fit Girl Should Know About - PART 1

Food & Recipes door anna FG

Being a Fit Girl is not always easy. You have to workout all the time, plan your meals ahead, deal with sore muscles and resist many #notsofitgirlcode temptations. On top of all these measures, you have to defend WHY you would do such a crazy thing every day to everyone around you. Exhausting!

People might think that Fit Girls are active by nature, but I think that's not entirely true. I think they're just smart, taking care of their body. Of course we feel like winners after we've killed an insane workout, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't order abs online if something like an AbStore existed. We're still human, you know. We want maximum results by putting in minimal effort. Well, at least I do! And a think there are are a 'few' other girls who share this vision ;)

That's exactly why I made a list of 16 smart products every Fit Girl should know about. This guide contains products which can help you to stay fit, without putting in too much effort. No, not all these product are 'clean', but they taste good and are a responsible choice when grocery shopping.

1. Microwave quinoa and brown rice

I don't do low-carb. Obviously you have all these different kinds of carbs, so you just have to pick the nutritious ones. Although some people seem to get a bit tired of the quinoa hype, I still think that it's an awesome ingredient to make quick and healthy meals with. Lassie came with these very handy portion packs of quinoa and brown rice. All you have to do is pop the pack in the microwave and wait one minute. Very convenient for preparing your lunch at work!

2. Frozen pumpkin cubes

Pumpkin is awesome, but cutting one is... not-so-awesome. On top of that, eating a whole pumpkin at once is somewhat of a challenge if you ask me. Luckily, Albert Heijn invented frozen pumpkin pieces. You can use them to make a filling and warm pumpkin soup or stir fry them with other vegetables. No need to defrost them first. Me likey!

3. Frozen fruits

These days almost every supermarket sells frozen fruit. Mango, forest fruits, blueberries; you name it! Usually, frozen fruit is a bit cheaper than the 'real' fresh fruit. If you want to make banana ice cream, frozen fruit is what you need. But they are also great for your morning yogurt/oatmeal/quark/pancakes/smoothies. Actually you should always have your fridge stacked with a few boxes.

4. Sweet potato fries 

Why would you eat sweet potato instead of regular potato? A study about the nutritional value of vegetables discovered that the concentration of complex carbohydrates, protein and vitamins A and C is much higher in sweet potato than in an ordinary potato. If you feel like a good old burger and fries, try the sweet potato fries from Aviko. No need to peel your potatoes, you can either fry them or put them in the oven (healthiest option).

5. Mushroom burger

Veggie burgers are the sh*t. They're easy to prepare and can vary endlessly with your toppings. If you have the time you should definitely try to make your own veggie burger, but if you don't, you should give the mushroom burgers from Koolen a try! My favorites are: the mushroom, pine nuts and Grada Padano burger and the mushroom gordon bleu filled with hummus. It's like heaven on a plate! You can buy them at Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Marqt and a few other supermarkets. I am a HUGE fan!

6. Seaweed salad

Seaweeds are the plants that contain the most minerals on the planet, imagine that! These plants store the minerals directly from the ocean into their cell structure. Good reason to start eating seaweed more often. It's a great base to make a healthy salad with, for example our famous Sushi Salad. I like the slippery but crunchy taste it has and it's way more nutritious than a regular bag of salad. I often buy mine at Albert Heijn or Jumbo.

7. Tuna in a pouch

Fish is rich in protein and Omega-3 fats, which makes it a food Fit Girls should regularly eat. A few years back I found Tuna with a Twist, which is tuna in a pouch with a French dressing or sun dried tomatoes. It's the perfect addition to a salad and also very tasty on a sandwich with avocado and a hard boiled egg. It's just something different than the regular can of tuna and you can buy it at almost every supermarket in Holland.

8. Lemon juice in a bottle

In my opinion you should avoid drinking your calories. You make a real change if you quit drinking soft drinks and fruit juices and switch up to water instead. Drinking water has so many health benefits! It's no secret though, that water isn't the most exciting drink out there, but it really helps if you spice it up with some lemon juice. Of course, fresh lemon juice is the nicest, but for some reason I don't have lemons lying around all the time. Recently I found the perfect solution: in most supermarkets they sell these tiny bottles with lemon juice. You can keep them in the fridge and this way you'll always have lemon juice when you need it (unless you forget to put it on your grocery list every once in a while).

Stay tuned, because in a few days I will share some more Smart Fit Girl products you should add to your grocery list.