16 Smart Products Every Fit Girl Should Know About - PART 2

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People might think that Fit Girls are active by nature, but I don't think that's entirely true. I think they're just smart ladies who know  taking care of their body well is essential! Of course, we feel like winners after we've killed an insane workout, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't order abs online if something like an AbStore existed. We're still human, you know. We want maximum results by putting in minimal effort. Well, at least I do! And I think there are are a 'few' other girls who share this vision ;)

A few days back I shared part 1 of 16 Smart Products Every Fit Girl Should Know About. Today, I'll surprise you with some more products that will make the life of a Fit Girl just a tiny bit easier. This guide contains products which can help you to stay fit, without putting in too much effort. No, not all these product are 'clean', but they taste good and are a responsible choice when  doing groceries.

9. Veggie crisps

It would be really harsh if being a Fit Girl meant banning potato crisps completely out of your life. Of course you can enjoy some on your cheat day, but I found a delicious and more responsible alternative you can enjoy more often: veggie crisps! The ones at Albert Heijn consist of beetroot, sweet potato, carrots and parsnips. No scary additives, just sea salt and organic sunflower oil. Enjoy!

10. Corn tortilla chips

Another great alternative for potato crisps are corn tortilla crisps. If you pick the natural ones you will only find corn flour, vegetable oil and salt on the ingredient list. Last weekend I made a tzatziki dip with only Greek yoghurt, cucumber, garlic, peper and salt (which was delicious!), but you could also dip them in hummus and obviously guacamole.

11. Shake & smoothie mix

Body&Fit shop is a great place to find smart Fit Girl products. One of my favorites is their Shake & Smoothie mixtures. It's basically a jar filled with a few super foods that taste really good together. Some of these include almonds, coconut and chia or cacao, cashews and flaxseeds. Simple perfect for topping off your smoothie, pancake, yoghurt, oatmeal etc.!

12. Superfruit Mix 

We all know that eating fruit is good for your health, but some fruits have more superpowers than others. Body&Fit has made a Superfruit Mix which contains fruits like cranberry, baobab, papaya, blueberries, acai and a dozen of other super fruits. You just have to mix the powder with water and your vitamin bomb is ready! One glass already contains 50 % of the healthy antioxidants that are recommended daily. It flavored with Stevia, so no weird chemical taste.

13. Surimi sticks

Surimi sticks are wonderful! They are rich in protein, cheap and easy to prepare. Most people use surimi when making sushi, but it's also a really good ingredient for salads. Like I already mentioned before, I love our Sushi Salad, but my personal favorite is this one with avocado and mango. Surimi sticks work also really well as a snack. Serve them with some soy sauce and cucumber and you have a real easy, yummy and healthy snack!

14. Smoked chicken strips

If there's one thing I hate about making salads, is that you have to chop so many things. I know it sounds really lazy, but I always try to buy as many precut ingredients as possible. I am well aware it's more expensive, but you know... time is money! Right? That's why I am a real advocate of smoked chicken strips. You only have to open the package and throw them in a bowl (with hopefully some other precut ingredients) ;)

15. Powershots

Stuff like ginger, aloe vera, curcuma and wheatgrass are really good for your health. They are good for detoxing, beating the flu, reducing muscle ache and many more things. However, it's not like we incorporate these ingredients in our meals on a daily basis. So luckily for us,  Albert Heijn To Go found a solution for that. They sell 4 different kinds of power shots which contain all these awesome ingredients. To be honest, you have to have some balls to down the whole shot at once, because the taste is, well uh.. different! But hey, nobody likes tequila either but it does serve its purpose! ;)

16. Canned beans

If you are looking for foods that are rich in protein, beans are what you need! When you compare beans to grains, beans have the same amount of calories, but two to four times as much protein.These little fellas are a great addition to a salad or stir fry dishes and come in all sorts and sizes so you won't get bored easily. I like canned beans, because you only have to rinse them and they are ready to eat. Research has proven that canned vegetables hardly have inferior levels of vitamins and minerals compared to fresh vegetables. So next time you prep a salad at work, add some lentils or chickpeas too!

I am really curious if you know any Smart Fit Girl products we could add to this list! Please comment below and share you best kept secret!