I noticed us Fit Girls were doing this sharing 20 facts thing and saw that it stopped somewhere so I decided to pick it up again and nominate someone else to keep it going! I think it’s always fun to learn random stuff about someone else so you’ll get to know someone a bit better. I’ll start by sharing ’20 facts about Fit Girl Safira Audrey’ first.

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20 facts about Fit Girl Safira Audrey

1. I was born and raised in my hometown Gouda. I still live here and I love it!

2. My favorite country to go on holiday to is Brazil.  It truly feels like coming home when I go there. I love the pace the Brazilians live in, the kindness and warmth they carry with them.

3. I study communication and write for #FITGIRLCODE. I enjoy doing this very much! In my free time, I love stargazing, taking photos (and combining the two), hanging out with friends/family/pets and doing anything related to food (cooking, baking, eating..)!

10394516_1493293867599923_8057126928015277536_n4. I’m a foster mom and I own a mini zoo, so I guess you could call me an eager beaver. I like to work hard but I love to play hard. How do you keep yourself busy?!

5. I foster my nieces, they’re twin girls and they’ve just turned 13, yay! They’re mini Fit Girls who occasionally enjoy sports. You can’t imagine how much fun it is to live with these teenage girls <3

6. I have a weakness for animals. If I see an injured bird I will try to save it and when I spot a lost frog on the road, I’ll always try to bring it back to safety.

7. I don’t like going on holidays because I don’t like leaving my mini zoo behind. When I end up going on a holiday, I’ll video call with my dogs, bunnies and birds haha! What kind of funny things do you do on holidays?

8. I also have a weakness for humans. I studied social work before my current study and I worked with elderly people and children with disabilities.

9. I’m a middle child (don’t they say we’re the coolest haha?!) I have two older brothers (Reinaldo & Michel), a younger sister (Katinka) and a younger brother (Bjorn). Having all these brothers is what got me into football!

10. This is not really my natural hair color; well it kind of is but every summer my hair gets lighter because of the sun and I color it darker again. I have naturally curly/wavy hair but I straighten it because it’s so much easier to handle then.


Check out page 2 to read 10 more facts about me.

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