Super Fit Girl Anna nominated me on Instagram to share 20 facts about myself, to continue this fun viral tag! In order to experience fact number 15 and fact number 18 of my 20 facts, I need your input! So get ready? Set? Let’s GO for it Fit Girls and boys! 

The 20 facts about ME are:

  1. I was inspired by @Sangthebird to capture my #365happymoments with own made photo’s and short video’s on my Instagram every day of the year. This way I learned to appreciate the small things in life and the beauty the world gives every day. Check out my Instagram account @stephanieroest if you like to see what I have been capturing every day.
  2. I am a strong believer of positive psychology, the moment I think my life sucks a bit I give myself a paper smiley =) Perhaps it doesn’t solve the problem but I will face the challenge with a SMILE!
  3. In the year 2012 my life took a turn when I visited the landscapes of New Zealand. Peace is now what I seek for, in my life and mind.
  4. Therefore I decided that I want to grow grey and old in New Zealand  at Cape Reinga – North Island. This place is to die for 😉
  5. I love, love, love the sugar free snacks from @suefoodrotterdam and I try to eat as many Key-Lime Pie as possible!
  6. I would have been a ballerina if I wouldn’t have peed in my tutu pants when I was 5 years old during my try-out ballet class. I was sooooo nervous. 🙁
  7. I missed my calling as a professional CrossFitter but I’m catching up with the workouts of Sixforty @dare2challenge.
  8. I believe in karma! So b*tch be NICE!
  9. 16,54 inches (42cm) is the length difference between my Handsome lover and myself. This gives me a valid reason to have an extensive collection of high-heels =)
  10. When I retire, I want to cruise the Pan-American Highway from Prudhoe Bay, U.S.A. to Ushuaia, Argentina in one year (or the other way around).
  11. I volunteer at the Dutch foundation Heppie – Child vacations / weekends for children growing up in difficult circumstances or with a behaviour disorder.
  12. One day I would love to write a book of how life keeps challenging me.
  13. I like to make a fool out of myself, so I remind myself not to take everything in life so seriously.
  14. Inspired by the TV program PSSSTTTT! I once challenged myself to live in silence for three whole days, without any books, TV, music or pen and paper.  I was curious if I would be able to live in complete silence! I could! You should try it out! Very refreshing for your mind-set!
  15. Music is my faith! I need more workout music, anyone would like to share her or his workout playlist so that we can rock these workouts even better?
  16. If I would find a genie in a bottle… I’d wish that everybody would fall in love with each other so that we would not have any wars anymore.  LET LOVE RULE!
  17. I don’t swim in the sea because I still believe JAWS swims around and will look for me.
  18. I dared myself to travel abroad alone for 30 days… I’m still deciding when and where this journey should happen and saving up funds. Share your favourite travel country and I might go there!
  19. I love tattoos but haven’t found that special thing to capture on my body yet.
  20. I always inhale the good shit and exhale the bullshit! Therefore I hope one day I will do epic shit!
New Zealand at Cape Reinga – North Island


To let this viral tag continue! I would like to nominate Fit Girl Tiziana to share 20 facts about herself! Have fun with it!

See you all soon again and if you have a good workout music playlist (see fact  number 15) or suggestions of countries which you can backpack through in 30 days (see fact number 18), please don’t hesitate to share with us! I would love to get inspired by YOU!

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