20-minute kettle bell workout

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Lifting weights combined with cardio exercises really floats my boat. In addition to this I like to workout with kettle bells more than dumbells, especially when the weight increases and I also love to throw in a high amount of repetitions while I am at it. Because of all of that, this CardiWOW workout 20 minute - kettlebell - craze is just right up my alley. Are you joining?



To complete this 20-Minute Kettlebell Workout you only need two things: yourself and a kettle bell.I use anything in the 12kg to 20kg range for this particular workout and go up to 32kg when I am doing some of the exercises separate. NOTE: you do not have to use heavy weights for this workout, in fact if you want to focus more on the cardio aspect of the workout I  actually suggest that you use lighter weights (such as 8kgs) and that you make sure to amp up your repetitions.