We’ve all been there – you go to a city you’ve never been before and you don’t know where to go. Where can you get the best smoothies? Where do you go for a healthy lunch? Where should you show off your dansmoves? DELI Amsterdam now has the solution for you: a personal and tailored overview of all the places in Amsterdam that you would be interested in going to. So no more wandering around and hoping this cafe will have spelt bread on their menu, now you know where to go in advance!

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728x90 shop GIF banner

Last week, I went into the city with DELI Amsterdam and I have to say, I had a really awesome day. Tailored to my Fit Girl preferences, they followed me around while I went to Dr. Blend, SLA, Adidas, Run2Day, the Bodytec lounge and Cottoncake. I think most of these names pretty much speak for themselves 😉 Let me tell you that it was definitely a fit day in Amsterdam! I ate really healthy and delicious food and had the best smoothies at Dr. Blend, SLA and Cottoncake, worked my ass off at Bodytec and got some new running shoes from Saucony at Run2Day.

So to all Fit Girls going to or even living in Amsterdam: go explore the city! Find the best smoothie bar or the most awesome gym (I had a great workout at Bodytec). DELI Amsterdam is a free service so what’s holding you back? Go to their website to see what you should be doing in Amsterdam.

Check out my #24HOURSINTHECITY with DELI below 🙂

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