Youtube workout videos are amongst the greatest ways to workout efficiently. When you’re pressed for time it’s possible to get an intensive workout at home that doesn’t require a lot of space, equipment or effort to start. Before your notion to workout passes while you are sitting at home – you can stop, drop and sweat right now with these 3 workouts, all intense but in different ways, and all available on Youtube!

We have all been there, sitting at home relaxing telling ourselves we will go out to the gym in twenty minutes. Then before you know it an hour has passed, it’s getting late and you end up being pressed for time so you don’t go at all. Well in such cases, there is no excuse not to do a workout with the internet at your fingertips. There should be no talking yourself out of a workout at home, when all have to do it load up a video and press play. It’s also easier than going to the gym because it requires less effort to get started. But of course that doesn’t mean it should be half hearted just because nobody is watching. Don’t forget to do even the quickest of warm ups, like one minute of burpees and jumping jacks and then a cool down and stretch afterwards too. Now, here are three of my favourite videos from Youtube for every kind of workout mood to get you to stop, drop and sweat.

Cardio is a verb by XHIT Daily

This high intensity workout by XHIT Daily channel is great to get your heart rate up, improving your fitness level and shaping some definition to your muscles. This is an ideal video for when your workout motivation is low. You know exactly what you are in for from the very start as they list the exercises beforehand and they get straight to it. Unlike other interval workout videos, which do one round of the exercises and trust that you will press play twice more afterwards, they perform the circuit three times to make sure that you do too! All you have to do is crank up some tunes and get going

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