At #FITGIRLCODE we want to inspire and motivate women all over the world to find the lifestyle that fits their personality. We’ll answer all of your personal messages with great care and love. Quite often, we’re meeting up with the entire team in order to provide you a good answer. There are some reoccuring topics and we think it’s important to invalidate some fairy tales and myths about certain of these topics. So here we go:

“I’m pretty content with my body. However, I don’t like the fat on my tummy. How do I get rid of this fat as fast as possible?”

Of course, it would be ideal to just lose weight in the problem areas of your body. Unfortunately, real life doesn’t work that way. People often claim that local fat burning is possible by training the local areas of the problem area and by adding cardio training. It is often believed that by providing extra training for your tummy by means of ab exercises, you could burn fat on that particular place of your body and cardio training would support this. Unfortunately, local training is not the same as local fat burning. You can train you ab muscles separately, but it doesn’t effect your tummy fat. If you want to lose weight in a specific area you have to train your whole body. Overall, the burning of nutrients happens in the muscles. This means that the more muscles you have, the more you will burn. Your metabolism makes sure of that, because the more muscles you have, the more calories you burn. If you change your food intake and eat less calories than you use, your body will use its own fat reserve. Hence, you will lose weight. Not only on your stomach, but everywhere. When you see your results for the first time, you have to realize that it’s different for every single woman. Your BFFF might lose weight in different places than you will. So don’t worry too much about it, this is how mother nature invented the world! 😉

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