3 Ways to remain motivated in living a healthy active lifestyle

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We’ve been in the new year for a month now. Has the new you been keeping up with her goals? I sure am, but after 4 weeks of the new lifestyle I need to find some fitness motivation to keep at it and not lose my way in the following month. I can sense more and more self-arguments about how that one extra piece of chocolate won’t do any harm. But we all know it will! In order to make sure that there won’t be any relapse into old habits in the coming weeks, we’ve figured out 3 of the most critical aspects of a Fit Girl plan.

1. Set a time frame

Going anywhere sunny and exotic this summer? I sure am, I can’t stand this Dutch weather anymore. Singapore, I am coming for you in August! Meaning that I have from now until August to achieve my fitness and health goals. Setting a time frame is so important because it allows you to focus on your progress and not just on the end goal that is, as we all know, never simply around the corner. Having a time-bound goal thus brings on fitness motivation and most importantly, an ending. If you were to set yourself a never ending goal then you don’t know when to celebrate your achievements. And that’s the best part! Allow yourself to be proud of what you have accomplished, and what better way to do this then in your bikini, on the beach, with a Pina Colada in hand?

However, it shouldn’t mean that reaching your 6 month goal is the end. You have to keep up your new lifestyle! We don’t want to fall back into old habits. So, after your first goal has been reached, allow yourself some celebration, and then set yourself a new goal.  Sound like a plan? ?

2. Find someone to share your fitness motivation with

The gym by yourself isn’t the most socially engaging thing in the world, neither is cooking a different meal than your friends because of your new eating habits. Even though it is fantastic that you finally found the determination to live a healthy active lifestyle, it is probably more exciting to do this with someone who shares a goal of the same kind. This is because, as the Dalai Lama phrased it, “We human beings are social beings”. We benefit from other people’s actions and learn from them. Happiness and pride comes easier to us when we can share it with someone who’s presence we appreciate.

However, you shouldn’t just find someone who will support your new lifestyle, find someone who will challenge you to do even better and help you in the process. Someone who will be there with you along the way, who’s strong points are your weaknesses and vice versa. For example, my friend @thelittlefitty is a star when it comes to eating healthily and diversely, however she explained that she hasn’t been as motivated to hit the gym as she was when she started her journey. On the other hand, while I am a gym enthusiast and manage to get myself there 5 days a week, my healthy eating habits are still lacking. I just can’t seem to avoid that slice of red velvet cake! Nevertheless, together we are working towards mental and physical satisfaction. She teaches me the tricks to easy, healthy eating. AKA MEAL PREPPING AND TUPPERWARE. She is the queen of Tupperware, I think she owns about 30 boxes !! And I encourage her to go to the gym, with work out suggestions and motivation to use the weights machines. In this way, we get to feel good about ourselves together, and learn from one another.

Do you have a co-Fit-Girl in mind already?

3. Get yourself some fresh inspiration

Tired of always doing the same workouts? Bored from always eating the same thing? There is a ton of material out there that you can use as fresh fitness inspiration and help you in staying motivated. Were you impressed by that Fit Girl in the gym who was doing killer workouts you had never seen before? Ask her about it and maybe go to the gym at the same time once or twice?! Otherwise, follow some Fit Girls on Instagram who share regular workouts. For example @emilyskyefitness or @kayla_itsines.

If it’s foodie inspiration that you’re looking for then we can, first of all, strongly recommend our Happy Healthy Guide. This Guide offers 12 weeks worthy of fun and balanced recipes. Since it is available as an E-Book you don’t need to worry about lacking meal ideas when in the grocery store, because the guide will always be with you on your smartphone. In addition, your grocery lists are already made for you in the Guide so you won’t be able to use the excuse of “eating healthy is too much effort” anymore. Extra advice on food recipes can be found on the Instagram feed of @thedelicious and some more vegetarian ideas on @mynewroots.

With these clear cut pointers there is no way to lose fitness motivation anymore. My long term goal has definitely been set (holidays in Singapore!!!), and my short term goal is not to let the snacks get to me. What are your goals? Let me know in the comments!

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