5 curvy yogis on Instagram

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A lot of people think that only girls who are slim do yoga, but that's not true at all! Yoga is for everyone and this is definitely shown by these curvy yogis doing their thing on Instagram!

Whoever thinks that yoga is only for girls who are thin, think again! These curvy yogis prove that no matter what your body type is, you can do yoga! What I love most about these curvy yogis is that they aren't afraid to show their curves online. It is a massive step towards body diversity and it is definitely something that I feel needs to be seen more! So before I get into a mini rant about how we all should be body confident no matter what our size, let's take a look at these five curvy yogis!

1. Dana Falsetti (@nolatrees)

What I really love about Dana is that she's really flexible (duh!) but also she always has a smile on her face! She truly rocks her curves and her yoga practice! You go curvy yogi :)

2. Jessamyn Stanley (@mynameisjessamyn)

Jessamyn is one of the coolest curvy yogi babes on the planet! I feel she's a true ambassador of body confidence and it's always nice to see her pop up in my Instagram feed.

3. Valerie (@biggalyoga)

This woman is completely in love with yoga and boy, does it make me smile to look at her wonderful Instagram feed. She promotes self love through yoga which is a message that I stand behind aswell! A true ambassador of curvy yogis!

4. liftnyoga (@liftnyoga)

I love looking at this girl's Instagram feed. Not only is it filled with amazing yoga poses but also she's very honest and open about her life and her yoga practice. Oh yeah and she lifts too!

5. Rosemarie J. (@drunkinyoga)

Rosemarie is a super flexible yogi who also likes to post pictures of her cute dogs! Oh yeah and she frequently posts her curvy yogi pictures without pants on. Yes you read that right! Body confidence all the way ladies! :)


So there you have it, 5 curvy yogis on Instagram! Do you now believe that any body type can do yoga? Of course you do! No matter if you are super slim, or are mega curvy and everything in between, yoga is everybody! So why not try it out? On the lookout for more inspiring yogis you need to follow on Instagram? Read this post!

Sending out a massive hug to all yogis and non-yogis around the world no matter what size you are!



Ps. The header photo is me! I am a yogi aswell! Let's connect on Instagram @ashleykalila