5 exercises a runner can't do without

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Are you a runner? Then you probably know that you're at risk of getting injuries in your ankles, shins, knees or hips. Getting the right running shoes can prevent a lot of complaints, as well as building up your training schedule and taking your rest days. Last but not least: if you implement strength exercises in your training, chances are less that you'll get injured! Today, I'll share 5 of my favorite runner's exercises with you. All you need is your bodyweight and a bench. This makes them the perfect exercises to implement in your running laps. Let's go!

1. Step ups (10 x left, 10 x right)

Place your foot on the bench and step up. Straighten your body completely at the top, then carefully step down.

2. Box jumps (1ox)

Focus! And jump on the bench in an explosive motion. Straighten your body completely at the top, then carefully step (or jump) down. For safety purposes, please make sure that your entire feet land on the bench, not just your toes.

3. Cross box lunge (10x left, 10 x right)

This one is hard! It focuses on your glutes and quadriceps. Start by standing sideways on the bench. Drop your opposite foot down until it touches the floor, and then come back up.

4.  Bench taps (10 x left, 10 x right)

Get your heart racing! Touch the bench with your left foot. Jump, and switch feet. Be quick and light on your feet! Contract your core to stay balanced.

5. Sit ups (10x)

Yes! Sit ups! A stronger core will make you a faster runner! I really like to use the back of the bench to lock my legs on. Try to lower your upper body as low as you can, then come back up.

You can do all 5 exercises at once, but I recommend picking 3 exercises, and performing a total of 3 rounds. GOOD LUCK! Let me know how you liked this workout. Would you like more fitness tips? Follow me on Instagram (@fitgirlroos) to stay updated :)