There is an app for almost anything and more often than not, using apps to track your lifestyle can be draining not only on your battery life but your energy too! So how do you choose the ones which will add to your life rather than telling you how much you didn’t work out last week and just making you feel bad? I want to tell you about five fun health apps that are different from of the rest, because if you find one that really works for you it can make a difference!

1. Fitocracy

This app mimics the kind the of competitive level and point system that you would see in a game to encourage competitiveness. If you’re spurred on by this kind of motivation, this app provides you with a community of Fitocrats, other like minded people and claims to give you everything you need to become addicted to fitness. Although this is also offered by the Nike+ app, this app that gives you points based on the difficulty of the workouts that you have done at home or at the gym and allows you to track all of your fitness progress!

2. Im2Calorie

Meal times can be an interactive mind field between taking a picture of your incredible recipe creation and if you’re into it then logging the meal too! If you have ever used myfitnesspal you will know that if can be quite time consuming to search for the items of food that you eat at every moment of the day. So what if you could combine both of these activities in one go? This app from Google (although it is yet to be released, sorry!) uses advanced image recognition technology to determine the size of the food and then works out how many calories are in the food! The only downside is at first this app won’t be able to tell you other nutritional information like the fats and sugar content of food but developers claim that in time with more users there will be more data to access.

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