5 reasons why you should stretch

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Stretching. We all know that we should do it before and after a work out, but do we really do it every time? Nah, we don't. However, we keep hearing over and over again that we really should do it. So, I did a little digging and found five good reasons for you to start stretching again! 

1. Stretching makes your muscles loose and supple, meaning you will become more flexible and get a wider range of motion. So, this will finally stop happening...

2. If you stretch properly before and after a work out, you will notice that your muscles will be less sore the day after. No more waking up feeling incredibly sore.

3. Stretching has a calming effect on you. By being less stressed and more zen you'll be more apt to deal with other people's sh*t.

4. By stretching, you encourage better flow of blood to your muscles, thereby warming up your body. When the blood flows to your muscles, they are being provided with enough oxygen and nutrients to endure a work out.

5. A good stretching session will help you gain more balance. The extensive pressure that is being exerted on your muscles while working out will cause them to tighten up. When you stretch these muscles, you will alleviate muscle tightness and become more balanced.

Are these reasons enough for you to start stretching? I sure hope so, let us know how you feel the day after! ;)