‘Oh my god…. Did that really just happen?” “Yup! Unfortunately it did happen!” Being a Fit Girl has a lot of advantages: exercising makes us happy, strong and toned. But sometimes, we slip up and make a ridiculously embarrassing blooper! Check out these recent embarrassing Fit Girl moments.

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1. You pee a tiny winy bit in your pants while jumping rope (“Thank the fitness gods for dry fit material!”)

2. You try out a new yoga pose and fall flat on your face

3.  You can’t get the clips off your barbell and have to ask for help (“Bye bye, badass reputation!”)

4. You pass a small fart during yoga class (‘” If nobody heard it or smelled it, it didn’t happen!”)

5. When a good friend tells you your leggings are kind of see through, after you’ve been squatting in these leggings for the last 3 months (“Thanks, girl..!”)


We hope we made you laugh for a second with these funny fitness bloopers!  Remember: embarrassing moments are normal! We all have them. Best thing to do, is just to laugh about it and carry on with your awesome workout. And wear dry fit shorts. And have your best fit friend forever (BFFF) test your leggings before squatting. Haha!

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