5 things we often forget when working out

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This month it’s all about getting back to business. After these long summer months of enjoying yourself and the lovely weather, you’re probably thinking: yuk, I have to work out again. However,  working out probably helps you a lot more than you think. Here are 5 things that we often forget when we’re working hard to achieve our goals.

#1. Working out benefits your health on the short-term and on the long-term. You’re probably not thinking about this when you’re doing your heavy workout. But try to remind this when you feel like quitting: working out is good for you and your health!

#2. On the long-term you will be really proud of yourself. Remember this quote: a year from now you will wish you had started today. You’re probably not thinking about this right now. Just keep going and you will eventually think about it.

#3. When you’re done working out, you feel incredibly proud and good about yourself. You’re not thinking about this when you’re sweating your butt off and want to stop immediately, but if you go for that extra mile and keep up the good work, you will get that amazing feeling of feeling relaxed and calm.

#4. Think about what you’ve accomplished so far. It super duper awesome that you’ve achieved what you’ve already achieved. It’s already an achievement that you got of your butt and went to the gym/ outside/ for a run. Be proud girl!

#5. Be happy that you are able to exercise! Some people have the unfortunate luck they don't have the possibility to exercise.  Girl, you can do this.

Do you have any more positive things that we often forget when we are working out?