Working out makes us sexy beasts, we all know that. Isn’t that common knowledge by now? There is some doubt however, whether the sexy beast-mode is activated during or after your workout.. Honestly I find myself to be very unsexy when exercising.. Do you feel me Fit Girls? Here are 5 unsexy truths about exercising of which I’m sure you will recognize some!

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1. “Sweat is a sexy glow”

Well… Not always. I don’t find myself particularly sexy when dripping with sweat. It might look really awesome in movies and stuff, but in real life, it’s actually kinda gross to see when you’re leaving behind small pools of sweat.

2. Being chased by actual beasts

Yeah, running is awesome and all, but chances are that if you run in a non-urban area, you are getting chased by animals sometimes. Not kidding. My BFFF and I were once chased by a momma goose which suddenly jumped out of the bushes when we ran past her. Imagine us screaming and running like our lives depended on it – not sexy at all.

3. Sudden bowel movement

Hopefully I’m not the only one, but… What’s up with the sudden bowel movements?! I was running 12k in a race last month, and suddenly my bowels started to come to life. Very, very awkward and uncomfortable, not even to mention very unsexy.

4. The squat fart

I’m not sure which one wins the award for awkwardness, but we’ve all experienced this one. You are going for a good, deep squat, and those damn bowels again decide that this is the moment to release some tension. Voila, there you have it: the squat fart. Sounds familiar?

5. Attacking your meal

Ok, don’t get this wrong, a good appetite is super sexy, but the monster I become when I eat my meal after a heavy workout is definitely not sexy. It’s like I haven’t eaten in years, that much enthusiasm and speed is involved. Recognizable?

Now, of course, these unsexy truths change nothing about the fact that you’re all super awesome for working your ass off every time! Let’s just admit that it ain’t always pretty 😉 Which surely does not matter at all. After all, bitching doesn’t burn calories. Which is exactly what my new favorite sweater says. Buy it here!

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