When Fit Girl Safira Audrey  tags you in a link of an article of Huffpost of positive people, I guess that is her way of telling me she recognizes my happy spirit. 😀 And I guess I am. Most people know me for my optimistic vibes, bright outlook on life and leaving smileys everywhere I go. I loved the article Huffpost wrote in the healthy living department about perpetually positive people. Therefore I would like to share their input with you Fit Girls along with my “positive”  point of view on this matter 😉

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According to Huffpost – positive people don’t have some magical, unicorn-like powers, well I guess I am still in denial 😉 Because I love to think we have. Makes life more fun, doesn’t it? 😀 But, according to Melissa Blakeman (M.D., the regional medical director at Johns Hopkins University) positive people engage in behaviours that reinforce their positive frame-of-mind without making it seem like their head is stuck in the clouds. Great fact right? Love it! Now let’s go to the part where we find out what positive people practice on a daily basis.

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