8 Irritating things that men do in the gym

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Men. They're pretty great, but boy, can they sometimes be irritating. There are just these things that men do that make my blood boil, especially while at the gym. Sometimes I think that it would be bliss if I could just go to a big gym and only find women there. But then again, the mix of both men and women can also be pretty fun. Since I know that we can all relate, and that nothing brings people together like moaning about something every once in a while, I've put together this list of the 8 most irritating things that men do in the gym.  Enjoy!

1. They make a huge mess

The dumbbells and weight plates are literally EVERYWHERE. Is it really that difficult to put everything back in place after you've used them? Apparently so...

2. They make you doubt whether you should wear your shorts or not

When you wear your nice Nike shorts, it's always paired with men from all corners of the gym staring you down. Leg day in a pair of shorts are a no-go for me whenever I know that the gym is going to be busy. I can already feel the eyes burning on my back...

3. Egos. Egos everywhere.

You know them well, the men that give you a disapproving look when you come next to them in the weight room. Calm down bro, you're really not that important to me. I'm here to work for myself!=

4.  Don't get me started with the smell...

Is it just me, or do men forget to use deodorant more regularly than women? Putting on perfume before you go to workout is maybe not necessary, but a spray of deodorant should really not be considered a luxury.

5.  The cocky conversations that never seem to end

You know them well, the men that never stop talking about how many women they got with this weekend, or how much beer they drank without getting too messed up. In my opinion, I don't really think taking 10 minute breaks between sets just to brag on and on and on is that conducive to actual progress, but I'm not going to interfere with their training styles..

6. Those way-too-tight gym shorts

It's not exactly on the same level of a Speedo, but damn, those shorts are tight. And we can't do anything about it, because when someone wears such tight shorts, we can't help but look (whether or not we want to).

7. Looking too long at themselves in the mirror

Okay, this is something women know and do as well, but men sometimes even go beyond us. Just when I'm finishing up my last set of squats, I honestly have to sneak a glance at the guy who has been flexing and checking out his muscles for the last 5 minutes.

8. Grunting, swearing, screaming...

Having to grunt sometimes during your workout is nothing new. Exaggerating these natural grunts is sadly, also common. When you have your bar so heavy that you can't complete your rep without swearing and grunting with all your might, you should probably go a bit lighter. Just sayin'...

Despite these mega irritating habits, I must say that I also really enjoy having men around in the gym. Can you imagine a chicken-coop full of women? I don't think that'll do anyone much better..  

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