Hi Fit Girls! My name is Safira Audrey. I’m the newest blogger at #FITGIRLCODE. I’m a happy go lucky girl, I study communication and there aren’t a lot of things in this world I don’t enjoy doing (I even love doing the laundry haha)! I’ll tell you a little bit about myself and about how I started my own fit journey.

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8 reasons to start a fit journey by new crew member Safira Audrey

The first time I realized, I needed to make a change and start living a more healthy and active lifestyle was when life simply became to hectic for me. I felt unbalanced. Too much work, too little play and even less stress relief. I had been thinking about a change for a while, but I just couldn’t make the first steps.

I think the reason I couldn’t was because of my daily Schermafbeelding 2015-04-02 om 20.31.53patterns, I was stuck in an unhealthy routine. I was working myself too hard and I had gotten used to it. It was what I knew and what felt comfortable, until it didn’t and it became hard for me to keep everything going. This is the moment when I not only decided to make a change, but to follow through with it. The hardest part was sticking to it and keeping it up.

My 8 reasons to change
It wasn’t my body that couldn’t handle the change physically; it was my mind-set that made me struggle. To be able to turn my life around I had to fully change my mind set. This is something that took some time, I had to get used to all the new patterns I wanted to learn myself. My mind protested and protested. What really helped was writing down all of the reasons why I needed a change. I think this made it more real for me. Check the next page to read my reasons.


The reasons to start my own fit journey were:002SANOsmall

  1. I want to feel more fit
  2. I want to improve eating habits
  3. I want to improve how I look
  4. I want to boost my mental health
  5. I want to reduce stress
  6. I want to feel happier
  7. I want to make life more exciting
  8. I want to live more balanced

After this, I needed to set a goal, so every time I struggled; all I had to do was envision my goal. I wasn’t too heavy and I’m definitely not exercising to enter into a competition of some kind. The goal needed to represent all my reasons to want to change my behaviour. I decided I wanted to improve the quality of my life therefor this became my main goal. Every time I struggled all I had think was “I want to improve the quality of my life” and I would see all the other 8 reasons I had once written down.

10409660_1486196234976353_7144159854209792761_n (1)Time to run
When trying to figure out in what ways I wanted to exercise I knew it was probably best to stay close to things I had already done in the past. This way, it would be easier to start exercising and to keep it up. I decided to go running. In the beginning it was really really REALLY hard (seriously LOL). At times I lost my motivation but I kept trying with my main goal in the back of my mind.

One day I decided to take my dog along for a run, she’s a tiny fluffball named Noah (and she’s cutest dog in the whole world, no really). I soon realised it wasn’t a bad idea to bring her along; it was the best idea ever. Our run was awesome and my motivation had never been that high before. From that moment on I decided to make her my main running partner. With the help of Noah I’m now able to run up to 12k. Curious to read about what else I love doing?


I love to exercise, but I love to do other things too
I always say that I’m in love with the world because there are so many things I love to do. I will not name all of them but here’s the shortlist; I love dancing, singing, listening to good music, writing, reading, learning, taking photos, stargazing (I have a minor space obsession haha), doing the laundry, hanging out with friends, family & my pets.

Fun fact: I always wake up smiling and I have a weird morning Safnoritual which takes place in my bathroom. It involves a set of squats and some crazy dancing / singing in the shower. I think everyone should do this, it’s an effective way to get your engine going, it creates a positive mood that will last all day and it makes your butt look good haha!

Last but definitely not least
After 18 months of living an active and healthy lifestyle I can honestly say I’m proud of myself. I’m currently looking for new challenges and I thought it would be a good idea to start at the gym! In the near future Fit Girl Stephanie is going to introduce me to some awesome exercises! I can’t wait! #Excitingstuff!

Although I’m not as balanced as I would like to be (workaholic to the max) it’s a work in progress. If I keep following this path, I’ll surely get to where I want to be and I hope dear Fit Girls, that you will follow it with me.

Safira Audrey



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You can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook. If you have any questions for me, don’t be shy and send me an email at fitgirlsafira@gmail.com 😉



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