8 reasons why you should drink more water

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A while back I talked about how I started drinking water instead of juice, and I noticed that my sugar cravings really dropped. So, it got me thinking. There must be more benefits to drinking water than just my sugar cravings dropping. I did some research and found the main benefits of drinking more water which I think you should know about. Here is my personal top 8.

8. Water cleanses you on the inside. It washes down waste through urination, which in turn reduces the risk of kidney stones and infections in the area. Basically it gets rid of the toxins in your body. That’s pretty nice.

7. Not only does it prevent kidney stones, drinking more water boosts your entire immune system and fights against the flu, cancer and other diseases. It even decreases the likeliness of having a heart attack in comparison with drinking milk, coffee, tea or other beverages.

6. Another effect of drinking more water is that it improves your digestive system. Constipation can be a real pain in the ass and water can work wonders in this case.

5. Often when you have a headache, water can be the remedy. It turns out that most headaches are due to dehydration. So, bottoms up!

4. Now we’re coming to the even better half of this list. Drinking water saves you money! Which is quite logical: water costs you way less than any other beverage. Less expenses and more benefits – water keeps getting more attractive, doesn’t it?

3. This wonderful fluid also makes your skin look brighter and fights the aging process. Throw your aging creams out and go for the natural solution. Water makes your skin more elastic, resulting in less wrinkles. More space by your mirror + less expenses!

If these six awesome benefits didn’t convince you yet, the next two most likely will. For me they are definitely the two best advantages.

2. Water promotes weight loss! Even if that is not your main goal, who wouldn’t like this side effect? Water does not only fill your tummy and reduces your hunger, it also raises your metabolism and contains zero calories. What’s not to like?

1. Drinking water increases your brain activity, alertness and enables you to focus. Water carries oxygen which your brain needs in order to function properly. So if you often feel fatigued, drinking more water can help eliminate this feeling.

I don’t know about you, but if I wasn’t into water already, I would be now. Who would have thought that such a natural and inexpensive product would be beneficial in so many ways? 

Do you know any more benefits of drinking water? Let us know!